700- 850 AD 8.3 Humanities 2016/2017


The Dark Ages


1.a) According to the video, in what year did things start looking brighter?

1.b) What was the size of each individual block of land given to the citizens in meters squared?

1.c) Which part of the Roman Empire were the different groups traveling to? The Northern, Eastern, Southern or Western?

Darth Vader; the father of the dark side... All round Star Wars legend


Charlemagne , also known as Chales the Great

ChArles rElated QUESTIONS:

2.a) Give another title used for Charlemagne, apart from 'Charlemagne'.

2.b) In what year did Charlemagne start ruling Western Europe as an Emperor?

2.c) Name 2 modern countries in the same place as Charlemagne's Frankish empire, ~ 1,200 years later!

2.d) Complete Charlemagne's father's name: Pepin the ...............!


Was that last video not the most educational thing you have ever seen?

Sciency Questions:

3.a) Which country did stirrups originate from? (If we're honest, everything is made here)

3.b) When was the plough first introduced to England?

3.c) In the first video, what was the colour of the text in the second slide/ frame?

3.d) In the first video, what instrument was used in the backing track, and for an extra point, how do you spell it?

3.e) Complete the phrase...

Nothing much happened in science/.......... philosophy, until the ............. changed everything, and the scientific ................ began!
Pretty much a 1000x more complex electrical system than 700AD

The Market Place

A Market



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