Industrial Revolution Inventors By RiLey mcbride and patrick sanpietro

James Hargreaves

He spun Jenny yarn in greater quantity created in 1764 with his creation and perfected it in 1768. This allowed for much faster creation of yarn which increased the quantity of products and allowed for more factories GB

James Hargreaves and his invention.

Edmund Cartwright

He created a evidence loom powered by water and invented in 1787 allowed the weaving of cloth to catch up to the spinning of yarn. Used water instead of human power which allowed for a larger profit on weaving cloth. He was from Great Britain.

James Watt

In the 1760s, he created a steam engine that could pump water from mines three times as quickly as previous engines. Also developed in 1782 a rotary engine that could turn a shaft and thus drive machinery. This allowed for much faster work and more efficient mining and machinery. Allowed for a jump to industrialization. He was from Scotland.

James watt and his invention.

Henry Cort

In 1784, he developed a system called puddling, in which coke, derived from coal was used to burn away impurities in pig iron (crude iron) and produce an iron of high quality. This iron was the best of its kind at the time and was essential to the Industrial Revolution. He was from Great Britain.

Henry Cort

Richard Trevithick

In 1804, he pioneered the first steam-powered locomotive on an industrial rail line in southern Wales. Pulled 10 tons of ore and seventy people at 5 miles per hour. This paved the way for Stephenson to improve on this and grant the gift of the railroad to the public. He was British.

Richard trevithick

George Stephenson

He built a more powerful engine. Stephenson's Rocket was used on the first public railroad line which opened in 1830. Rocket could go at speeds of 16 miles per hour. This allowed for many people to see the wonders of the Industrial Revolution and evolved into what we know now. He was British.

George Stephenson

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison is responsible for creating the light bulb which was later used to illuminate cities. Tomas Edison was American.

Alexander graham bell

In 1876, Alexander graham bell created the telephone which was a huge invention for the time period and is still used today. He was also American.

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