Haps Tools Haphaestus/Mitchell Litke

Manager- Haphaestus CEO- Zeus Workers- Ares, Aphrodite CFO- Hera

We have many different tools, ideas and can fix anything. We have tools that can do the job just right.

What we do is work work work. We work on all things. To do one job it is twenty dollars but it depends on how big the job is, but if you want multiple jobs done we give a discount of ten dollars off. We do this job so people don't have to buy a whole new product, instead just call us for a reasonable price.

We are available all the time whenever needed, Anywhere you want.

I am the manager of the company the one who controls it all in the company my father Zeus is the CEO and takes care of the jobs my mother Hera the CFO controls the money and my brother Ares is the one who does most of the jobs and works. My wife Aphrodite is also a worker and helps out Ares on the jobs.

So if you need something fixed come to the closet Haps tools and get what you need fixed nice and quickly or call 100-222-1000. We fix everything and do all jobs just ask around and you'll see.


Created with images by TiBine - "tool work bench hammer" • 1lenore - "Tool rack" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "NASA Adds Leap Second to Master Clock" • skeeze - "workers construction site" • Pexels - "hammer tools carpentry"

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