Australia By: Sabrina and Katherine

IB Schools
  • There are 43 MYP IB schools in Australia
  • Gold Creek School is one of those schools.
  • There primary school hours are 8:45 to 2:45 and senior hours are 8:50 to 3:00.
  • The main cities are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.
  • Australia has a Western culture
  • The native people of Australia are called Aboriginals
  • It one of the worlds most diverse nations
  • People mostly came from the United Kingdom and other European countries.
  • Fish and meat are the main types of food that people eat
  • Meat pies are one of the main dishes of Australia
  • Vegemite is the most popular thing to put on bread or toast
  • Lamington is one of the most popular desserts in Australia.
meat pie
  • The art includes aboriginal, colonial, landscape, 20th century painters, printmakers photographs, and sculptures by European influences.
  • Australian indigenous art is the oldest tradition of art that is still going on today
  • You can find Australian indigenous art in caves and in other places.
  • The didgeridoo is a very well known instrument in indigenous traditional music
  • Some traditional music includes music from the Aboriginal Australians
  • Music is inseparable in indigenous culture
  • It is apart of an unbroken tradition dating back thousands of years.
  • The Sydney Opera House is the most famous building in Australia.
  • It is characterized largely by an international style with moderate alterations.
  • It's generally consistent with the architectural trend in the wider Western world.
Sydney Opera House
  • It is mostly tropical influenced.
  • It is hot and humid in the summer and warm and dry in the winter.
  • Northern Australia is the warmest and southern Australia is the coldest.
  • Summer is December- February.
  • Autumn is March- May
  • Winter is June- August
  • Spring is Septemeber- November
Interesting Facts
  • Canberra is the capital
  • There are more sheep and kangaroos then human
  • The city Melbourne used to be called Batmania
  • Australia has over 10,000 beaches
  • There are 10 times more camels then koalas
  • Each pat of Australia is within 1000 km (621.371 miles) from a beach or ocean


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