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Welcome to issue #1

Since 2016 Bloody Hell Magazine has been joining you on the side-lines and in the stands of berlin football. From the heights of the Bundesliga 2, to the wonderful depths of Kreisliga C. Eight tiers of football, from the verge of Bundesliga greatness to the bloody knees of a challenge on AstroTurf at 10 am on a Sunday morning in a far flung corner of berlin. Two years has led us to this, a welcome to the first edition of the bloody hell magazine.

We're not just here for amateur football in Berlin, we're here for everything non-league, and on occasion we look at matters that affect all tiers of football. We hope you enjoy this first issue, released, not coincidentally, on the weekend of non-league day, and we look forward to bringing you more stories from the world of non-league football in the near future.

'Bloody Hell? What's that got to do with football?'

Everything. 'football, bloody hell. ' words spoken at the pinnacle of a certain scottish manager's career, 'bloody hell' is for an awful challenge, a spectacular goal, the unexpected winner, the last minute defeat; everything in football from the painful to the sublime. Welcome to bloody hell magazine.


Dave take a look into Non-league day; a celebration of amateur football, but perhaps misses the mark when highlighting what the game is about.

An important part of a club's identity, and too often tampered with. Ben reveals the top five club crests in Berlin amateur football

The rise and fall of Türkiyemspor. Paul dives into the history of Berlin's most famous immigrant club, who are back on the rise.

A divisive yet large part of German football, Alex defines the role they play within the footballing community.

Groundhopping isn't all about photos of sausages and waking up at 3am to drive for six hours to a ground in a town non of your friends have heard of. We invite groundhoppers everywhere to tell us their stories.


Ben Ferry