Money can buy a little bit of happiness, AFTER ALL. - MSU DAIRY STORE -

August 1, 2018

By Victoria Boisineau | Northville HS, Gracie Borbi | Northville HS, Mishal Charania | Huron HS, Maya Crouse | Northville HS and Sophia Scarnecchia | Community HS

Michigan State University's Dairy Store draws in alumni and amblers alike with its tempting, cool desserts, beginning with its first scoop of ice cream in 1954.

Doug and Victoria Boisineau

Doug shared why he's a regular visitor at the Dairy Store: "It's a special one to come to. It's a long drive so instead of going to Quality Dairy or any of the other ice cream stores around, this is the one because it’s MSU and because they have just a very eclectic assortment.”

Left: A group of children enjoy their sweet treats. Right: Gionah (L) and Macy (R). Photos by Gracie Borbi

Cameron (above far left), shared his favorite ice cream: “Mine’s the swirl ... The Sesquicentennial Swirl cause it has cake in it and I always get cake batter. It just reminds me of summertime.”

Cookie dough was the most popular flavor among the Dairy Store visitors on this particular, with coconut almond, blueberry pie and raspberry chocolate chunk all tied for a close second.

Bethany (L) and Carrie (R)

Another customer named Pat (not pictured) explained what ice cream really reminds her of: "Ice cream is always associated with celebrations and so I think of birthdays where we have cake and ice cream. We all graduated from Michigan State and we got ice cream here when we were students and so we come back as like a memory.”


Photos by Gracie Borbi

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