Spring Snapshot Curriculum and Career Education (CCE)

Department of Innovation & Agility

As we close out the 2019-2020 school year and reflect on this uniquely challenging time, we are overwhelmed with gratitude. We are grateful for our students, who have shown resilience, creativity and grit. We are grateful for our teachers for design curriculum that sparked our students' interests. We are grateful for our community partners and mentors who helped our students and for all they have done to guide and support them this year! Thanks to this spirit of innovation and agile thinking, 2019-20 continued to be a transformative year for our programs which supports multiple pathways to success under Curriculum & Career Education (CCE).

Please enjoy the following snapshots of our work this semester

Career Speaker Series

January 2020

A diverse group of speakers delivered a consistent message. "Follow your passion and contribute to your community." Special mention and thanks go to our CTE Advisory for participating as speakers. Congratulations to our parent volunteers and Gunn PTSA for providing pizza and making this event so successful. Finally, kudos to our AVID students for introducing the speakers!

Arts, Media and Entertainment

PAUSD introduced a new Audio Production course at both High Schools

Students learn to create engaging soundtracks in PAUSD's new AudioTech class

Taking hands-on learning digital in Paly's Photography class

Students work to create Flat Photography Survival Portraits

Films produced during school closures

The Gunn Film Club recently put on the "Gunndance Film Festival." This year the festival was open to all Gunn students, with a majority of the films created during the school shutdown.

Photography exhibit

“Gunn Art Department Spring 2020 Showcase” is a multidisciplinary exhibition of artworks created and curated by the visual art students at Henry M. Gunn High School. Students from all art classes were encouraged to share artwork they have created over the course of this school year.

Business & Finance

Middle School Curriculum

The importance of Personal Finance was highlighted dramatically this spring semester with the switchover to online learning over the last 10 weeks:

  • The challenge of navigating Minimum Wage jobs and how it can cause people to make difficult choices with the present work environment and economy.
  • Scams and Privacy – learning about “hooks” and “red flags”, privacy with social media and finally a short lesson on new “Covid 19 related” scams listed on the FTC website
  • Advertising – Types of ads, target markets and strategies businesses use to get consumers to spend money were studied.
  • Long-term investing – Why it is important for long term goals, utilizing compound interest while young, comparing investment strategies for both short and long term to use and where to find reputable sources of information especially in times of pandemics and global emergencies.
  • Insurance – All different types, risk factors, why and when insurance is necessary.
  • College – Why college is important and alternatives besides college were explored. Different types of colleges and degrees, positives & negatives were compared and finally how to use government sponsored sources of unbiased information about colleges.
  • Career – Students took career surveys to explore their interests and suggested job categories to consider. They spent time researching careers of their own interest and shared information with other students in an online format.

New NAF Certified Business Pathway at Gunn

PAUSD launched a new business pathway, in partnership with NAF!

Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Middle School teachers took the Safe Sitter Instructor Course to implement a Safe Sitter Curriculum for the Family Consumer Science class.

Safe Sitter Inc. provides courses such as life skills, safety skills, and child care training so that every child should be safe. The course content includes safety skills for indoor, outdoor, online and personal. Child care skills for child care routines such as diaper changing and behavior management. First Aid & Rescue Skills such as injury prevention, injury management, choking rescue. And life and business skills, how to screen jobs, setting fees, and greeting employers

The Early Childhood Education (ECD) Program connects with students, both in-class and digitally.

Paly's Early Childhood Education students get real-life experience, applying what they learn in the classroom about the power of play and early literacy.

ECD students also joined weekly Preschool Family Zoom class meetings. The little kids loved seeing their "big kid" friends online!

Engineering & Architecture

Solar cars created by middle school students in the Industrial Tech program.
Middle school students create vehicles using recycled materials available at home during school closures to demonstrate their understanding of levers, axels, wheels and pullies.

Former GRT students use what they learn to solve real-world problems

Former Gunn Robotics Team (GRT) students and Project Lead The Way (PLTW) engineering students jumped at the chance to help get Covid-19 test-kit manufacturing ramped up quickly at Curative-Korva in Los Angeles. Mihir Juvvadi was the GRT captain in 2017, his third year on the team. Both Alex Rosenberg and Bill Liebelt were on the team for two years. Alex has graduated from San Diego State, while both Mihir and Bill will be college seniors next year at Michigan State and Colorado College of Mines, respectively. Our students share "the company was producing and delivering 10,000 test kits a day, with production climbing from there. In our efforts, we came up with novel workarounds, developed relationships with existing vendors and resources in the LA area and around the world, and set up production facilities employing teams of people to build test kits."

New NAF Certified Engineering Pathway at Paly

PAUSD launched a new engineering pathway, in partnership with NAF!

Fashion and Interior Design

Greene students use imaginative ways to display the Color Wheel!
Check out the inspiration our Greene middle-schoolers used in their visual fashion classes!

Students create digital floor plans to put their design learning in action!

Students design a floor plan for a potential client

Health Science & Medical Technologies

Biotechnology students analyze model organisms

In the model organisms unit, students learned how to identify male/female Drosophila, as well as various mutant phenotypes. Additionally, students learned microdissection skills by dissecting ovaries and testes from the flies.

Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

Middle School students create their own cooking shows!

High school students create and cook a multi-course meal

A student prepared Steak Ramen as part of a multi-course meal

Information & Information Technologies

AP Computer Science Principles

After submitting their portfolios to the College Board for grading, AP Computer Science Principles students finished the year off strong by learning about recursive algorithms. Their final project had students combining their previous knowledge of sorting and timing algorithms with recursion. See one of our amazing students show off some good UI as well in the project below.

Public Services

Seeing Law in action

The Law 1 class visited The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals this year. Students sat in on a docket and listened to several cases. They later got a tour of the historic building.

Support for proposal to develop Foothill's Law Pathway

The Innovation and Agility Department has been working with Foothill to support its proposal to develop a Law Pathway. Letters of support were provided to Foothill early June and again, in November. Also, the PAUSD’s law curriculum was sent over to Foothill to initiate a dual enrollment option.

Automotive Technologies

An Automotive Technology student was working on replicating one of Gunn's most notable cars in a driving video game (before closure)! True innovation & collaboration.

Multiple Pathways

Advanced Authentic Research (AAR) program shares digital projects.

The Advanced Authentic Research (AAR) program strives to fulfill our mission of nurturing student interest and igniting student passion through real world, hands on research enabling students to explore career pathways. The program innovatively adapts Career and Technical Education (CTE) foundation standards in conjunction with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for science and engineering practice, and our district’s vision statement for students to explore topics in a wide variety of disciplines including humanities and social sciences, business, science and engineering. AAR students bring passion, curiosity, and perseverance to the program.

Student Awards

Gold Key in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for Rachael Sun's humanity project AND Rising Star Award for the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Awards for Anshika Agarwal's CS project. Congrats to our students!

Work Experience Education Program

Partnership with Lockheed Martin

Thirteen PAUSD students did not let the school closure interfere with their goal to earn a position in the Lockheed Martin internship program. Lockheed Martin has partnered with PAUSD for over 40 years to offer meaningful, year-long internships for a few lucky students. Students met with their potential mentors in a 1:1 interview process to discuss the possible placement. Each student arrived early, dressed appropriately, and asked engaging questions. Thanks to everyone who supports this program and best of luck to each candidate – you all are stellar candidates, so this will be a tough decision.

Working during a pandemic

Junior De'Aveon Roberts of Paly has not allowed COVID-19 to disrupt his work; instead he is leaning in to the new system of rules that his employer, Chipotle is enforcing. "We have to always wear a face mask, and wash our hands every 30 minutes, rather than each hour." De’Aveon is part of the PAUSD Work Experience class that gives students’ credit for working while enrolled in high school. He reports that work has kept him feeling connected during the constant unknown surrounding our lives; and he "gets a break from my younger brother and sister, too." We should all take a page from De'Aveon's playbook and sacrifice little changes in order to keep each other safe during our new world.

Junior De'Aveon Roberts of Paly

Virtual Internships

Working with the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE), the Work Experience Education Program developed updated work permit guidelines as it relates to virtual internships. Visit our bulletin board for a list of virtual internships!

Successes: 2 NAF Academies approved, 2020-21 CTE plan, grant requirements/compliance and virtual internship process

We are so grateful for our CTE Advisory industry leaders for volunteering their time, even on Zoom when necessary, to discuss work permits and the vision for the future of CTE in PAUSD. These contributions are essential to our mission: giving all students diverse pathways to success and career exploration that matches their passions.

Thank you to our CTE Advisory members for a wonderful year!

Elementary Creativity Cart

In collaboration with PAUSD’s Elementary Educational Services, AAR’s Elementary Creativity Carts program extends the AAR philosophy to elementary schools by cultivating student skills in design, research, and development of self-advocacy. Here, students use materials in collaboration with Palo Verde's Genius Hour.

Check out some of the creations that our elementary students made during this past school year using all recycled and repurposed materials!

Innovation & Agility

As we end this academic year, we want to take the time to express our appreciation to our community and staff for their continued outstanding work on behalf of our students. This moment asked us to be innovative and agile. And look what we accomplished! We hope you will find time during the coming summer to enjoy yourselves and spend quality time with friends and family. These have been unprecedented times and a break is needed now more than ever. We are amazed by all we have managed to accomplish this year because of your hard work, dedication, and personal commitment. Come August, we look forward to working with you to continue to give our students the education they deserve: one that ignites their curiosity, passion and skills. Have a wonderful summer.


Created with images by Steve Johnson - "untitled image" • Didier Weemaels - "Five euro note close-up" • Element5 Digital - "untitled image" • ThisisEngineering RAEng - "Testing tennis balls" • Mika Korhonen - "Design workshop" • Jaron Nix - "A gloved hand preparing a stem cell culture for analysis." • Nathan Dumlao - "untitled image" • Caspar Camille Rubin - "Coding SQL Query in a PHP file using Atom; my favourite editor to work on web projects" • Clarisse Meyer - "Book case of old books." • lee attwood - "VW Camper Engine Bay" • Christian Fregnan - "The Death of Melanie Bonajo is the first museum retrospective of video installations by the Dutch artist Melanie Bonajo (Heerlen, 1978). The exhibition which is developed by guest curator Geir Haraldseth, the artist and her close collaborator Théo Demans, gives the visitor an opportunity to reflect not just on eir work, but also on what the work means in our modern, capitalist society." • S O C I A L . C U T - "untitled image"