Speeches What they did to help the civil rights movEment

Some people made speeches during the Civil Right Era that made a huge difference in the movement.

Martin Luther King Jr. made one of the most famous speeches of the civil rights era on August 28, 1963.

This speech would come to be a huge factor in the civil rights movement.

This changed the civil rights movement because it brought more attention to the segregation of blacks, especially since he made this speech shortly after he went to jail, which wasn't too long after Rosa Parks got arrested.

John F. Kennedy's Civil Rights Speech on June 11, 1963

In his speech, Kennedy talked about how every child should get an equal opportunity to have a successful career. He mostly directed it at the south and at the school system in states that segregated blacks like Alabama.

Lyndon B. Johnson's "We Shall Overcome" speech on March 15, 1965.

His speech had the same idea as JFK's but he went more into detail about resolving the issue of segregation and had a broader idea about segregation.

idea of how to resolve the segregation in America.

Many people supported the Civil Rights Movement, and many of those people went to those speeches with signs like this one. Also, not everyone that supported the movement was African American, some of the people were white, too.

This was a very strong movement, with many speeches, and many deaths as well. In the end there was success in the segregation being lifted for the most part against African Americans.

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