What Is an Adobe Spark Page?

It's a web page that combines text and images in a visually appealing way as a reader scrolls through the page.

Photos can be arranged in a variety of ways...

Including as single images...

...with captions and display options.

You can use it to tell a visual story.

"And you can include quotes!" - Anonymous

"Glideshows" are a nice touch too...

Invite the reader...

...to come along with you...

...no matter where...

...the road might lead.

And you can include videos too...even ones you create in Adobe Spark.

And you can link to other websites.

Created By
Mike Petty
Created with images by tj scenes - "question" • PublicDomainPictures - "abstract architecture background" • avantrend - "vase rose design" • Biswajit Das Kunst - "Design-III" • cdu445 - "hall conference effect picture" • Ian Sane - "Less Traveled" • Iqbal Osman1 - "small town, Madagascar" • libertygrace0 - "Bright Lights Big City" • skeeze - "desert winding highway landscape"

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