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This photo is a black and white portrait of my sister. Her hand is blocking out the sun, creating an interesting shadow. There are multiple pictures exposed over the portrait. The top half of the picture is a city, the bottom hand is someone playing the guitar, and in the bottom right corner there is a picture of Adele. The city skyline lines up with the start of the guitar picture.

This picture encompasses various elements as designs. For example, both the position of the hands and the skyscrapers act as leading lines towards the face. The exposed pictures give it a layered look, while also creating balance through the skyline lining up with the start of the guitar picture. The picture has very deep blacks which makes the shadows stand out, creating a nice textured look. The lack of colors combined with the pose in the picture also create a calming mood.

I attempted to show the character of my sister not only through the pictures on the photo, but also the colors and positioning of her. My sister is very in to music, especially very guitar heavy music like the Grateful Dead or Jimmy Hendrix. She also is more of a city person, she won't stop talking about visiting New York or going to college in a city. When I made this photo she was also trying to get better at singing, so for a solid month she was singing Adele and Amy Winehouse non-stop. She also doesn't wear many bright colors, her favorite color is black, most of what she owns is black. Lastly, she's pretty laid back and I thought her pose showed that.

I think this picture is really good overall. I think the composition of the colors, balance, and layers compliment the picture well. The picture authentically shows how my sister is as a person. This is definitely one of my favorite pictures that I have done. The Adele picture being in the corner throws the flow of the picture off, it seems very awkward and misplaced.

This picture is a Jointer inspired portrait of me. In this picture, I'm sitting down in a stairwell. It a bunch of pictures stitched together of me from different angles and in different positions. Parts of the railings and stairs are also stitched together. The picture also has a lot of neutral blues and grays in it.

Being a Joiner, the differing layers of perspectives create a layered look, as well as offishness. Theres not really a pattern I stuck to on how I stitched them together, I just tried what looked good. But there does seem to be an emphasis on hands, they are in almost every layer I stitched. The colors in the picture are neutral and thus very calming. Lastly, I edited the picture to bring out the blues of my jacket and the railings.

The purpose of this assignment was to show more about my self, and I think I pulled that off well. The body language in the picture is similar to how I usually am, my hands sort of have to be doing something at all times. Also the fact I'm smiling in it shows how I'm a generally happy, optimistic person. Lastly, I love the color blue, and I happen to wear that jacket a bit too often, but it shows who I am as a person.

I think this picture was okay, it's not outstanding, but it's not terrible. I don't think there is a theme the picture is trying to convey, which is one of the reasons I didn't like it as much. There are a few composition issues that I could would've changed. For example, getting rid of the glare at the top of the picture or being more uniform in placing the different layers. I think I did a good job at putting the pictures together with what I had due to the Emotionalistic poses I have in it.

This is a picture I took early in the semester of Carla, Jessica, and Lauren planking on tables in front of the cafeteria. Their surroundings are very messy; trash on the floor, chairs randomly strewn and one sad sad askew little poster on the wall. Since its a black and white picture, the blacks are very deep and they stand out well. The the symmetrical texture of the bricks is usually the first thing you see. The mood you get from seeing it is hilariously depressing.

The first thing you notice when you look at the picture is how it is balanced. You notice how the tables, the poses and the lines in the bricks are all horizontal. The similar rhythm of their poses and the horizontal pattern combined with the deep black and whites in the picture give this picture that depressing sameness.

When I first came up with the idea for the picture, I did it because I thought it would be a funny, interesting picture. But when I edited it, I thought the picture showed how tiring, monotonous, and ultimately boring school can be in a funny, ironic way. A lot of my work seems to be like that; rather seriously critiquing things, I try to be sarcastic. But what sets this one apart is that the moods it conveys are both drastically different; one depressing, one humorous.

I think this is a good photo overall. I like the mood the photo expresses through the poses, the color, and the overall composition. I also like the picture is a satirical critique about school, and just how funny it is to me. This work could definitely benefit others because the message it is portraying is very relatable. Everyone experiences low points in work or school and this picture encapsulates that. I'm proud that this was one of the first couple pictures I took.

By Sabrina

This is a picture of Lauren shot through a fence. The colors in this picture are very vibrant, especially the greens. This vibrance is due to the fact that the photo was shot in the daytime. There are both lines in the fence and in the railing behind her. The black squares in the fence provide a interesting contrast to Lauren and her surroundings. The texture in the grass and in the fence stand out the most.

The artist vibrantly brought out the colors in the work to seemingly convey a positive mood. The positivity, though, is contrasted by Lauren's sad face and posture. The squares in the fences serve as frames, while the fence, Lauren, the railings and the back wall serve as multiple layers. Light is used well in this picture because the light brings out the vibrant colors, but there isn't any light on Lauren's annoyed-looking face. This conveys ambivalent mood, both positive and negative.

When I look at this photo I feel like I can relate to Lauren. This is more because of the expression on her face rather than the mood of the picture. I feel like the artist made the artistic decision to saturate the colors to make the picture look nicer rather than convey any type of message. The artist of this picture made this work most likely to make something visually interesting rather than creating something with a deep meaning. I think the choice of making something visually interesting works out very well in this case, I enjoy the bright colors and the poses presented in the picture.

As I previously mentioned, I don't think this picture is trying to convey any message, but it does look like a nice piece of art. I think it lack a message because of how much is going on in the picture. The vibrant colors, the lines in the fence and the surrounding texture of the grass distract from the pose and Lauren's face. I don't think the subject matter is unappealing in any way. I feel like it could be improved by getting rid of those distractions like toning down the colors, or shooting it in a way that got rid of the fence.

By Jessica

When you first look at the picture, you notice AJ laying down on a square stage outside. On the top half of the photo is the tennis courts and multiple cars lining up. There are both lines in the fence and the car seem to form a line. The photo is in all black and white which brings out the contrast between the grass and the stage AJ is on. There is a lot of negative space created by the grass which helps create a solitary mood.

The artist used a lack of colors to focus attention in the work. The grass and all the stage's surroundings are all either gray or black, while the stage is primarily white. This contrast in colors focuses the onlooker's attention to AJ rather than the lines in the fences or the road. The mood created in this piece is very solitary. This is created primarily through the use of negative space. AJ is the only thing that takes up space in the bottom half of the picture, so he really stands out and it seems very lonely.

When I look at this picture I also feel solitary and I relate to AJ. I think the artist was trying to create this solitary mood and they definitely achieved it. The artist framed it the way they did to use the negative space more effectively. Also the artist used the black and white not only to create a contrast but, because black and white are known to create a somber mood.

This work definitely has a deeper meaning that others could relate or connect to. People could totally connect to this piece because the message its conveying is very relatable. Its totally beneficial for people to see art that reflects this type of solitary mood. We have all have felt lonely at one point or another, and seeing art that reflects how you feel can make it better. This work uses all of it's composition to further the mood, which is something truly remarkable.

Created By
Laura Tinkler


Created with images by MonicaVolpin - "fog forest mist"

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