October Festivities October 2019

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Mrs. Miller's homeroom decorated the Frankenstein pumpkin, Mrs. Neff's homeroom decorated the Toy Story pumpkins, and Mr. Poe's homeroom decorated the snowman.
Tied for second was this Movie Pack decorated by Mrs. Rife's homeroom.
Ms. Noel (Faculty) and Tony Lehman (10) observe all of the pumpkins in the morning as they walk in.
Tied for second was this Charlie Brown pumpkin decorated by Mr. Swailes' (Faculty) homeroom.
1st place went to the Grinch and his Reindeer by Mrs. Horst's homeroom.

Costume Contest

Kailey Galvin (12) won the contest for cutest costume.
Mrs. Veirtz (Faculty) and Mrs. Johnson (Faculty) were dressed up as Pac-Man fruit, Ms. House (Faculty) was dressed up as a cat, and Mrs. Blair (Faculty) was dressed up as a witch.
William Hunt (11) won the contest for most creative.
Mrs. Stum (Faculty) was dressed up as a grill, and Ms. Myers (Faculty) was dressed in her "ugly Halloween sweater."
Abby Hawk (11) won the contest for Most Funny.
Mrs. Donahoe (Faculty) dressed as a pumpkin, Mr. Stull (Faculty) dressed as Captain America, Ms. Kerlin (Faculty) was dressed as a queen, and Mrs. Bethel (Faculty) dressed up as a mechanic.

Senior Trick-or-Treat

Ms. Simchick (Faculty) hands out candy to Donovan Carrington (12) who is dressed as a Sumo Wrestler.
Caitlyn Flagle (12), Shyana Ott (12), Jazlyn Moquin (12), and Lea Spoonhour (12) go trick-or-treating together as Dr. Seuss characters.
Mrs. Deiseroth (Faculty) dressed as a scarecrow, waits for trick-or-treaters.
Kaitlyn Ebersole (12) and Kirstin Eichelberger (12) dressed up as nurses.
Lacy Nolan (12) dressed up as Fake News.
More seniors going trick-or-treating at the teachers' homerooms.

Other Students Dressed up

Wyatt Pine (10), Shayne Fortney (10), and Tristen Mcfadden (11) dressed as dinosaurs.
Tony Lehman (10) dressed as Colonel Sanders or as he said, "the Kentucky Fried Chicken guy." He asks Ayla Maun (10) to join the picture.