The Bay of Pigs Invasion by: Briley Thompson

The Beginning

  • Started in 1960 with Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Started training CIA officials for invasion
  • JFK (next President) - took over plan in 1961
  • Military- said invasion would not work; JFK- gave permission to launch
  • Cuba and United States: drifted apart-Cuba and Soviet Union: grew a closer bond

Fidel Castro

  • Communist, Cuban leader
  • Threat to U.S.A: attacked United States' companies
  • Got into close relations with Soviet Union
  • U.S.A wanted to overthrow Castro
  • Knew Bay of Pigs Invasion was coming
  • Had a strong army ready for United States
Castro during the Invasion

Who Fought During the Invasion?

  • CIA officers from Cuba trying to overthrow Fidel Castro
  • Called themselves: Brigade 2606
  • April 17, 1961: went to Cuba after being training
  • part of Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front- organization: anti-communist


  • Eisenhower approved mission in 1960
  • Set up training camps in Guatemala
  • Cardona: leader of the Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front: was in Castro's government- then left
  • Castro: knew about invasion early: while still in training
  • The press talked about invasion: countries knew what U.S.A was planning to doing
Training in the Camps

The Original Plan

  • Two airstrikes against Cuban military
  • 1,400 men involved in invasion
  • wanted to overthrow Fidel Castro
  • success: if Cuban civilians joined refugees to overthrow Castro
Planes Flying To the Bay of Pigs.


  • United States: disguised their airplanes as Cuban ones
  • Invaders missed many shots
  • Many people knew the U.S. was coming: press spread the news=
  • Made JFK cancel second airplane attack
  • Castro's army ready to attack when invasion began

Question and Answer

  • Why did the United States of America want to invade Cuba?: They were afraid that Fidel Castro would spread communism around the world.
  • Was the Bay of Pigs Invasion a proxy war?: Yes; because there was no direct fighting between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.
  • How many people died? How many people were captured?: 100 people died. 1,100 people were captured by Castro and his army.
  • Did the United States ever save the refugees from being captured?: Yes they did. The United States paid Cuba $53 billion worth of food and medicine to let the Cuban exiles go.

Sunken ship after the Battle of Pigs Invasion

Bay of Pigs location on a map

Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, during the invasion

JFK during his Presidential Inauguration. He knew a little before he was inaugurated about the mission.


  • made JFK distraught: stupid decision to launch invasion
  • Fidel Castro felt powerful; thought of as hero to Cubans for fighting the United States (and winning)
  • Invasion gave President Kennedy permission to launch Operation Mongoose; U.S.A wanted to let Cuba know, they were not backing down.
  • Also, led to Cuban Missile Crisis: which was when the Soviet Union started putting missiles onto Cuban beaches
  • Showed Soviet Union and Cuba: U.S. wanted back into Cuba
  • Invasion= HUGE fail for United States of America
Captured exiles in Cuba after the Bay of Pigs Invasion

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