The Tasmanian Devil Luvi Mendoza, Elsa Kalal, Amirra Norton, Armand Avila

The Secretary Bird is a stable animal.
The camel does not have an important role in its ecosystem.

Ecological functions

The Tasmanian Devil is a scavenger as well as a carnivore.
Eating carrion helps to cycle nutrients in the environment and dead animals that sit for too long can become a hazard to healthy organisms.
Devils can be more flexible about what they eat because they are scavengers

Additional biological, medical, social

Toxoplasmosis is a very common parasite.
Feral cats and foxes can carry this disease and spread it to other organisms as well as humans

Cost to conserve and resources required by the species

It is said that the size of the enclosure is not too important as long as it is complex.
Devils like to make their homes in caves, bushes, old wombat burrows, and hollow logs.


You can donate to the Devil Island Project and help scientists protect Tasmanian Devils from disease.


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