d.confestival Safari Exploring Berlin's innovation hot spots

On the third d.confestival day, we invited all participants to a journey across the center of Berlin to explore the city’s most inspiring innovation hot spots. Our field trip kicked off at Allianz Forum. Following the opening, participants went on their individual safari to Berlin’s top Design Thinking and innovation spaces where they engaged in workshops, bar camps, interactive presentations and lively discussions. The d.confestival Safari was kindly supported by Spacebase.

Kick-off at Allianz Forum Berlin

The Allianz Forum near the Brandenburg Gate provides an opportunity for dialogue and interdisciplinary work focusing on the challenges of the 21st century. Together with institutions from all walks of society, it addresses questions such as demography, environmental and climate protection, sustainable growth, intercultural dialogue and the future of Europe.


THE AXICA Is a subsidiary of DZ BANK and embodies Berlin’s most exclusive Congress and Conference Centre. The renowned American architect Frank O. Gehry was inspired by biomorphic shapes and created a masterpiece that stimulates all senses. Everything flows, from the powerful vision into the smallest details.

Brandenburg Gate Museum

The Brandenburg Gate Museum designed and set up by the creative agency TRIAD Berlin offers a unique journey through time. Situated in close proximity to the Brandenburg Gate, the multimedia show tells more than 300 years of Berlin history on 87 high tech screens with 180 million pixels as well as a 38 channel-surround-sound system. With its Immersive Showroom the museum provides an excellent venue for special events, turning them into highly emotional experiences that have lasting effects.


OPEN.neXoffice – During the safari, participants discovered the NewWork Space of the HPI Start-up neXenio – designed and presented by the architect and designer Klaus de Winder - dewinder.de. The startup introduced its work, hosted interactive sessions, and invited participants to their sunny rooftop terrace in Berlin Mitte.

Impact Hub Berlin

Impact Hub Berlin is a global community, a consultancy and a creative space where the future of humanity is shaped. The team works at the intersection of innovation and society to collaboratively create impact with an entrepreneurial mindset. Collaborative innovation is the catalyst for impact.

Living WorkPlace

The Living WorkPlace Berlin welcomed participants to experience how objective analyses of work styles are transformed into a tailor-made office environment which boosts employee well being and performance. The holistic approach integrates insights/experiences of the most forward thinking companies in the field of workplace design. The Living WorkPlace Berlin also functions as a work lab – generating and live-testing new furniture and office equipment.

Deutsche Bank "Quartier Zukunft"

At Deutsche Bank's Quartier of the Future Berlin, participants saw how Design Thinking can support the setup of a great and outstanding new banking experience.

SAP Data Space

The DATA SPACE is SAP’s flagship space in Berlin. It is a space to meet, work, and eat together in a stimulating and innovative environment. It offers a physical handshake with innovators, change makers, partners, startups, artists, Berlin’s multifaceted community, and all people interested in Digital Transformation. The DATA SPACE is build up out of four interconnected areas: DATA HALL, DATA KITCHEN, DATA HUB, and DATA ROOM.


While visiting the MHPLab during the Design Thinking Safari, visitors learned about future work spaces and how Design Thinking is integrated into projects at Porsche Digital Lab.

Innovation Radicals

The Innovation Radicals unleash the love for Innovation in trainings, events and projects: What if you could move around with your creative work space, stop to meet users in their natural environment? Safari participants were invited to leave their comfort zone and experienced a Design Thinking adventure on the road. #InnovationOnWheels not only was a unique experience for all Innovators on board, but also connected people, spaces and ideas in motion.

We would also like to thank our friends and partners at d.collective, Infosys, Insurhub, intraprenör - Spreewerkstätten, Kompetenzzentrum der Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft, lichtlos, SAP AppHaus, and Stiftung Zukunft Berlin for opening their doors to us and for inviting us to workshops and activities during the d.confestival Safari!



HPI School of Design Thinking / Kay Herschelmann & Innovation Radicals . (The copyrights for images are held by the HPI School of Design Thinking. Images may only be used with reference to the source.)

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