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Just an average human learning more about innovative media. Nothing much. Loves to play games and military related stuff :>

Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

Exercise 1: Slow Motion Animation


When objects come to life, they PLAY.

Group Photo

Exercise 2: Viral Content

For this exercise, we will be doing a write-up relevant to the topic 'Anti-drug abuse'.

Exercise 3: Infographic

A summary from what we did in exercise 2


Exercise 4: Mobile App

Mobile App Name: Asia Traveller

Description: The mobile app is simply built for travelers who want to seek for advise traveling countries in Asia region. We will provide travel agents to guide you around the place you want to visit.

Login page
Home page with categories
Sub categories
Reviews/ Testimonials
Destination page which shows countries
Places to visit (Featuring the most visited).
Booking for your travel ticket or meet with your travel agent.
Contact details
About Us

Assignment 2: Video

We, Young Metro, welcome to this video, Malaysia is a melting pot of different cultures and so is it's cuisine. In this short video, we will show you our vlog regarding our topic that we chose which is food. The food culture in Malaysia plays a big role in our daily lives. Here we have a short video of something called The Messed Up Family that can be found in a local cafe known as Garage 51. This is not part of our local cuisine but we suggest you give it a go. Here's The Messed Up Family on how it's done and where it can be found. Enjoy!

Mindmap and Moodboard

mindmap (jpeg/ png)
Moodboard (jpeg/ png)
Script (jpeg/png)


Storyboard (jpeg/ png)

Assignment 3: Chat Sticker

It all started on a Japanese girl wearing her traditional clothes, doing stuff.


Moodboard. jpg

1. Happy

It all started on her being happy, cause she loves to do work.

2. Working

Everyday, she's given a task to write a short memo about all the stuff around her.

3. Confused

Sometimes the situation change so fast that she got confused on what to do

4. Angry

Imagine, you tell her to do only one work, which is just sitting on a table and writing a memo the entire day. Of course she will get mad on you.

5. Sleepy

After doing all the activities she had to do, she felt sleepy and went to sleep.

6. Sad

If you did not give her do any work on that day, she will be sad and starts to cried out cause she loves to do anything for you.


Created with images by Nachrichten_muc - "chess chess board black play white tower" • rexmedlen - "foliage cannabis marijuana lush plants nature medicine" • ishane - "Weed" • Sole Treadmill - "travel" • Oldmermaid - "pasta fettuccine food" • IppikiOokami - "parmesan garlic baslikium"

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