Conservation Project: Save the Andean bear By Zac A., Brandon O., and Lytzy E.


  • Andean bears are beneficial to the environment
  • They are not expensive to take care of
  • South America's only bear
The Andean Bear


  • Not saving the boa
  • Some species are stable
  • They have lots of offspring

Ecological Functions

  • Spreads tree seeds not digestible by other animals
  • They help out with the environment

Additional Appeals

  • Rings around eyes, spectacled bear (Aesthetic value)
  • The only bear in South America

Cost/Resources required to conserve

  • Cheap food, prefers to eat fruit
  • They reproduce annually
  • Large habitat, not many bears
Andean bear eating fruit


  • Endangered, need to be saved
  • Aesthetic value
  • Important to ecosystem
  • Ecosystem could potentially fall apart without them


Save the Andean bear!


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