TWIC: This Week In Chicago Robotrucks Hit the Road in the Name of Safety, Efficiency & Profit Investor’s Business Day

Sources say that U.S. trucks moved an estimated 14 billion tons of freight last year.

The American Trucking Association reported that it was down 48,000 drivers at the beginning of last year; with the current turnover rate being 100%, that driver disparity is anticipated to increase as high as 175,000 drivers by the year 2024.

Autonomous vehicle technology is the solution and Otto is paving the way!

Not only will self-driving trucks balance out the shortage in truck drivers, but it will empower trucks to move quicker, reduce fuel emissions and increase efficiency while cutting costs.

Last September, the Department of Transportation issued guidelines on all self-driving vehicles, both cars and trucks included, showing that vehicle technology is moving in a positive direction! For the full article on robotrucks, see the link below.


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