Online Reputation by natalie

How many of you want to go to college?

Did you know that a lot of colleges look at your social media before admitting you?

Did you know that employers look at your social media before hiring you?

Employers and colleges have often denied students and adults alike for what they have on their social media.

35% of admissions officers look say they look at social media accounts.

Some find really cool things on the accounts of the students. On the other hand some have found rather negative posts. applicants need to make sure that their social media reflects good things.

After a girl applied for college, they were truly interested by her good grades, but then they looked at her twitter account. She had repeatedly been posting mean things about her fellow classmates. The college ultimately denied the student's admission.

93% of managers will review a candidates social media before hiring. 55% of managers have reconsidered a candidate but 61% have negative double takes.

This video shows one of many scenarios that happen every day.

If you want go to college and play a sport, Just know coaches are constantly checking social media.

High schools coaches, as some know have really strong policies for partying, drugs and drinking. Coaches will hear about it from other students, parents or most of the time, social media.

The best way to have a good online reputation is post pure, make good decisions, and surround yourself with good people. Be aware that what you post and what your friends post can turn up everywhere in amount of seconds.



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