My trip to the Anasazi With landon clouser

One day my family went on a trip Lucas Liam ( my two brothers) my mom my dad and Alison my aunt my mom and Alison don't always get along and hopefully they can put that aside

5:34 AM We had got on the air plane I was shocked the air plane is huge and it will probably be over night so goodnight

12:27 PM we had got there and it was still night my parents woke me up and we moved off the plane and into the airport in Colorado i run forward excitedly I said I can't believe that we're in Colorado I want to see the for corners then I could be in four states at the same time shh my dad said

3:11 AM We had to drive another two hours maybe in a rental car to New Mexico until we came across the four corners of course we stopped l even took a picture or two or three

3:34 AMdrove a little bit more until we found the four corners hotel and that's where we stayed that night and even though how annoying the traveling was and how expensive they didn't argue

DAY 1 2:42 PM When I saw these houses I was so surprised to find out how intelegent the tribe was we started out with a plunging climb down to the structures we could have easily fallen and been injured wich is why we had setup the winch

3:52PM This was our tour guide Margarite she was very good at climbing and hiking it was so hot we had gotten to the bottom to where the structures were the sun would begin to set soon so what we did was we did a little exploration in the structures and golly they were huge on the inside then it was Time for sleep margarite had looked at a tree and said perfect

6:26 PM Maybe ten twenty min later she's done and it was awesome that night we slept in the tree tent and margarite slept in her tent on the floor

7:54PM we were eating dinner getting ready for sleep until we heard some rock falling we all look in that direction and then hear a goat baaahhh the goat says we all laugh 10 min later we were in bed listening to the goats as we drift asleep

Day2 9:31 AM in the morning we had eaten some break fast looked at the view heard the billy goats and it was now time to go some where else so let's get the hike started

9:38 AM few that was exhausting good thing it's over we walk over to the buggy that we rented and started to drive to our next location

10:14AM we were driving until something caught our eye smoke like it was from a fire we pulled over to look at it it was some kind of structure then margarite says it's another Anasazi structure you can get in from the top it looks like it was burnt down margarite says we walk over to take a look and then the soft ground falls below us and we get knocked out

???I finally wake up after my family thinking I was in a coma then I look up and there is two scared Anasazi in front of us and are talking to each other somewhere in what they were saying I picked up the word Pueblo then I say pueblo what does that mean then Alison says that's another word for Anasazi then I see my watch broke so I no longer knew the time for my journal

???Then they start to talk in English they say who are you my dad says that We come in peace and that we're not going to hurt them then they ask if we could help rePair the structure then Alison says don't we need adobe for that and then they say yes clouds cry soon

???somtime later they untie us so we could help them repair there home then we grab some wet muddy build and then they point out that the adobe will not dry if it's raining so dad goes to get the tarp from the buggy and we put it over the structure we spent the night there

Day 3 we woke up and my dad says com on we're leaving sometime later we see a mountain lion it charges toward us and we floor the gas and get out of there as fast as we can but it chases us then my brothers start freaking out and then I grab a flare gun and shoot it at the mountain lion and he stops chasing us

???Then we make it to a road and follow it to a gas station when we were just on time almost ran out of gas then margarite leaves we get in our rental car and drive off to the air port THE END

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