To Kill A Mock-n Bird MAggie Li

From the 1900’s even until now the present we are still forming mobs and with mobs comes violence. In the book To Kill A MockingBird by Harper Lee it shows violence and mob mentality because of race. It is also shown in historical event called the Jim Crow Law , which is a law of segregation between race during 1965 and the current event which is called South Africa: Apartheid Reparations Update by the Africa News Service publish on Nov. 30, 2004. Which talks about the apartheid of race. Apartheid is a policy of system of segregation or discrimination about race.

The book TKM there are similar thoughts in the past events which is called the Jim Crow Law. The Jim Crow Law came to be a derogatory for blacks and a designation for their segregated life. In the late 1870s, the southern state legislatures passed laws requiring the separation of whites from “ person of color” in public transportations and school. This is showing that white got into a group of their own kind and “person of color” had to form a group with their own race. Anyone of known or strongly suspected black ancestry in ANY degree was for this purpose a “person of color” which means usually in the 1870s there was really not many mixed children or any marriages that are black and white in the southern states. During the time of Jim Crow Laws white woman was to stay away from “person of color” which has a connects with TKM because if a black male was caught with a white woman they will be trailed and mostly the black male will be hung because the white woman will most likely claim that she got raped just like Mayelle saying that she was raped by Tom Robinson. This can form mob mentality and violence because it is apart of political and death both at the same time in the TKM and in the Jim Crow Laws , especially if there was a white male joining like Atticus. In TKM there was a time when Jem got scared that Atticus was going to be hurt by the mob because if there is a mob most likely they are going to be very violent.

Nelson Mandela was the first colored man that was able to become the president of south Africa.

In the current events there is something called the “South African Apartheid”. It is has a similar concept of making mobs and being violence connecting to TKM. In South Africa there is also laws or acts stating that blacks are not allowed to living in a certain area of the white land. The place that blacks live in is called a bantustan which is a home that can be crowd more than one family. This can easily create violence within the area that is why africa is on the top 3 board for highest crime rates. This relates to TKM because Calpurnia has her own family to take care of however her family doesn’t live near the white area because if they did it can cause massive chaos , also if it appeared in reality South Africa most likely it will going to cause white mobs to attack them very violently. There are many rebellion during the time of apartheid which means that there are just as many mobs kinda what Atticus said that mobs are “made up of people”, means that if a mob is broken down into the individual that are part of it, then it is no longer a mob thinking with emotional collective brain. It is now just a group of individuals each with their own sense of right and wrong.

Through these reason of the book To Kill A MockingBird, historical event the Jim Crow Laws and the current events the South African Apartheid it shows that mob mentality is bad thing to happen because with mob mentality it comes violence mainly over the theme about race. It is shown by the examples like “people of color” accused of rape, segregations by color (transportation, public use, educations ,etc.).

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