welcome to Powell Library GE Cluster Orientation Fall 2019

Completed in 1929, Powell Library is the 2nd oldest building on the UCLA campus and remains one of the most iconic landmarks at UCLA. Despite its age, Powell offers a wide variety of services to meet the ever-changing academic and personal needs of students in the 21st century. This virtual tour will show you how to access some key services and navigate this unique building!

*Keep in mind that the red star on the maps below indicate the location of the only staircase that traverses all 4 floors of Powell Library: 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, 3rd Floor, and Ground Floor.

In the entrance foyer, you can check out books using the self-checkout machine to the right when you enter or ask for assistance at the welcome desk. Digital monitors are present to keep you updated on library events and exhibits, so be sure to check them out as you enter.

Powell's normal weekday hours are from 7:30am-11:00pm, but the first floor remains open 24/7 as Night Powell throughout the academic quarter. The entire building is open 24/7 during 10th and finals weeks. There is a security guard posted at the entrance, so be sure to bring your Bruincard for access to the building after it closes to the public.

The self-checkout station and security desk are behind you to your right when you enter.

In the CLICC Computing Commons, you can use desktop computers (Windows and Apple), print (black and white and color), or ask about downloadable software for your laptop. You can also pick up a textbook from our Reserve service upstairs and scan files here to send to yourself... for free!

If you have a question about library technology and software, stop by the service desk. It is on your left as you enter the space. You can also find student workers with Powell Library jerseys that say "CLICC" on the back. CLICC is your source for all things technological around UCLA.

Service desk
Immediately to the right is the print station.

Night Powell, located on the 1st floor, is open for 24/7 study beginning the first week of the Fall - Spring quarters. This space is also home to the laptop lending service and group study rooms. After 7pm, a security officer will begin walking around to check your Bruincards, so be sure you always have yours!

At the laptop lending desk, you can check out MacBooks, PCs, or Chromebooks for 6 hours. These laptops are equipped with any software you may need for your classes.

You can check out a variety of other equipment as well such as VGA cables, expo markers and more. This is also where you pick up your Powell group study reservation. Click below for a complete list of items!

There are 6 group study rooms in Powell. They can be reserved for up to 3 hours a day. You can reserve a room in Powell or the Young Research Library (YRL) here:

Each study room contains comfortable seating, outlets, a white board, and a monitor which can connect to your laptop.

Continue through Night Powell to the center of the 1st floor for more quiet study space and book stacks.

Head up either side of the beautiful main staircase to get to the Rotunda, Main Reading Room, and other key locations in Powell.

On the North end of the 2nd floor is the Main Reading Room: a large, open study space with windows, high ceilings, and natural light. Around the room are the Community Collections which include fun subjects like cookbooks, travel guides, and sci-fi/fantasy. It is also home to the video game collection located in the east end of the reading room.

Within the Community Collections, check out the graphic novels. There are manga, comics and even academic graphic novels.

The Rotunda is where many library events, exhibits, and concerts are held. During midterms and finals weeks, the Rotunda is home to Stressbuster events that include therapy dogs, miniature horses, oragami & craft tables, and Silent Disco!

Click below to see a list of UCLA library events!

The Inquiry Desk is where you can check out and return books. You can also ask for assistance finding resources or locations within the building.

Course reserves (textbooks on reserve) are located here. They can be checked out for two hours at a time, but are available for overnight checkout when borrowed during the hours before the library closes.

The UCLA Library owns over 12 million books, so there is a good chance that your textbook is on reserve for free! You can search course reserves here before buying your own copy:

Books borrowed from other libraries can be returned to any library location on campus using the Universal Book Return Drop. This excludes short-term loan items like course reserves.

Activities in the East Rotunda include Geek Week videogame days, guided meditation, Undergraduate Research Week presentations and awards, and Stressbusters!

Stressbusters are events held around the UCLA Libraries during midterm and finals weeks to help students take a nice break from studying. Stressbusters include therapy dogs, therapy miniature ponies, origami making, massages, and more.

Starting Winter Quarter the East Rotunda is the permanent home of the video game collection. During Geek Week and Stressbusters you can play right here!

On the north end of the East Rotunda is the Copy Room, where you can print, copy, and scan documents. Click here for more information on services and pricing:

The Instructional Media Laboratory is home to the second largest collection of media after the Library of Congress. This is the single campus location for accessing language course materials and viewing media including films, television shows, and news broadcasts for class assignments and personal interest. The media does not circulate, so all materials must be used within the location. When not being used for other purposes, the IML is also available as study space. You need your Bruincard to enter.

The IML also has iClickers available for students to rent for the entire quarter. They go by quick, so be proactive and reserve one when the quarter begins!

Powell subscribes to a variety of popular and scholarly magazines. They are shelved in the Rose Gilbert Reading Room alphabetically by title. The magazines cannot be taken out of the building, but can be used anywhere within the library or copied in the photocopier room near the East Rotunda.

The Inquiry Space is open for individual and group study during the Fall through Spring quarters. You can relax in a comfy swivel chair, sit on high stools at the reading bar, or study below the windows overlooking Janss Hill. Come study or play one of the board games available here. There are plenty of outlets in the Inquiry Space, and no reservations are needed to study here.

The Inquiry Space is also home to the librarians at Powell Library. If you have a question that a student worker cannot answer, feel free to stop by and ask a librarian!

Service hours: Monday - Thursday, 10:00am -6:00pm, Friday, 10:00am - 5:00pm

InqLab 1 hosts research consultations (where General Inquiry Specialists help you explore paper topics, find online and print resources, and learn how to conduct research) and writing consultations (where Peer Learning Facilitators from the Undergraduate Writing Center review papers and projects and provide feedback on assignments). Walk-ins and appointments are accepted for both services, but we suggest you make an appointment to ensure availability.

Inquiry Lab 1 is also home to your Embedded Inquiry Specialists for your cluster! The Embedded Inquiry Specialists are students who took your cluster and did so well that they were invited to come back and be a research and writing consultant specific to your cluster. Get to know them during Office Hours or one-on-one appointments!

All Powell classrooms are located on the third floor. Your Cluster discussion may meet in CLICC classroom A, B, or C, or Inquiry Lab 3, so be sure to explore this area.

3-D printing, laser etching, and production software are found in the Lux Lab to the right side of the hallway.

Study carrels and open tables are available down on the ground floor along with a newly opened East entrance that faces South Campus!

Get to Know Your Embedded Inquiry Specialists AND LIBRARIANS!

M1: Food: A Lens for Environment and Sustainability

  • Embedded InqSpec: Max, maxmcnally5@gmail.com
  • Librarian: Simon, simonlee83@library.ucla.edu

20: Interracial Dynamics in American Society and Culture

  • Embedded InqSpec: Sofie, sophiejackson541@gmail.com
  • Librarian: Renee, rromerorr@library.ucla.edu

21: The History of Modern Thought

  • Embedded InqSpec: Lou Baya, loubaya.or@gmail.com
  • Librarian: Sylvia, srpage@library.ucla.edu
Lou Baya

31: Never-ending Stories: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Myth

  • Embedded InqSpec: Hanna, hanna621@ucla.edu
  • Librarian: Simon, simonlee83@library.ucla.edu

48: Political Violence in the Modern World: Causes, Cases, and Consequences

  • Embedded InqSpec: Alana, alana.enriquez@gmail.com
  • Librarian: Diane, mizrachi@library.ucla.edu

60: America in the 60's: Politics, Society, and Culture: 1954-1974

  • Embedded InqSpec: Michael, mlimasabatini@gmail.com
  • Librarian: Miki, miki@library.ucla.edu

70: Evolution of the Cosmos and Life

  • Embedded InqSpec: Emery, egrahill.bland@gmail.com
  • Librarian: Wynn, wynntranfield@library.ucla.edu

71: Biotechnology and Society

  • Embedded InqSpec: Max, maxwell.grollman@ucla.edu
  • Librarian: Doug, dworsham@library.ucla.edu

72: Sex: From Biology to Gendered Society

  • Embedded InqSpec: Alice, alu170@ucla.edu
  • Librarian: Sylvia, srpage@library.ucla.edu

73: Mind over Matter: The History, Science, and Philosophy of the Brain

  • Embedded InqSpec: Jacy, jacylblack@g.ucla.edu
  • Librarian: Nisha, nmody@library.ucla.edu

80: Frontiers in Human Aging

  • Embedded InqSpec: Fayez, fayezk2000@gmail.com
  • Librarian: Miki, miki@library.ucla.edu

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