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A message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

As we begin our 80th year of serving Delaware’s children with special needs, I find myself reflecting on our rich history and how it shapes our work today and into the future.

I try to think about the vision set forth by our Founder, Miss Lydia, as well as the values that she thought were so important. Clearly, serving children with communicative disabilities to enable them to be successful in their lives was her single mission. And the values used as the hallmarks of her work - serving entire families; working with children in their natural environments of home and school; focusing on strengths; and providing fun and exciting programs that also had broader purposes - remain our values today.

She didn’t know all that we know today about bullying and its devastating effects on children with communicative challenges. Although gifted teachers and social workers probably instinctively knew how poverty affected kids and families, the longitudinal studies we have today simply didn’t exist. The tools of the internet - and even computers and iPads - would all seem like wonderful magic.

Miss Lydia’s vision of providing support to these children was focused on the children who really needed help and the values she instilled in our work allows us to utilize all the tools and science at our disposal today. It is a source of great pride to see how much Miss Lydia’s beach house has grown and flourished over the years.

Thank you - to everyone who plays a role in our work. Our Trustees, our volunteers, our staff and our donors all have very specific treasures to share. Each one of you have made an impact in the lives of our children.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through our new e-newlsetter to see all the great things happening at Children’s Beach House.

In deep gratitude,

Richard T. Garrett, Executive Director

Expanding Possibilities Spotlight

Meet Colleen Roth...

Colleen started coming to the Children's Beach House when she was just 7 years old. At the beginning, she rarely spoke and had difficulty communicating. She had little interaction with others and felt alone.

But Colleen was persistent. She worked hard and soon began to flourish in our Youth Development Program. With the help and encouragement of her fellow campers and CBH Staff, she overcame her fears and started the journey towards her dream... to become a Pediatric Nurse.

Colleen attributes her success to the safe and supportive environment of the Youth Development Program,

"I began to believe in myself. I felt safe knowing that everyone around me genuinely cared about me. Their positive affirmations encouraged me to reach higher. Soon I knew I could do anything!"

Colleen has just been accepted to the University of Delaware (her top choice)!! Congratulations Colleen! ...the sky is the limit!!


Volunteers from Johnson & Johnson
Volunteers from Americorps
Volunteers and Beach BBQ Event Committee

THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!

Our Youth Development Program

The Youth Development Center (YDP) serves children, ages 7 to 18, with developmental delays and communicative disabilities through year-round case management and weekend enrichment and summer camp programs.

Case Managers partner with parents and teachers to assess the child’s special needs, identify youth and family strengths, and collaboratively develop appropriate strategies.

CBH Staff utilize teachable moments to model perseverance, listening, teamwork and appreciation of differences, while creating an environment for learning.

Our program is statewide, and includes children from each of New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties. We are looking to grow the number of children we serve from Kent County. If you know a child who would benefit from our services, please contact our Program Director, Jennifer Clement at 302-655-4288.


Child Development Center

The Margaret H. Rollins Child Development Center (CDC) provides early intervention preschool and wrap-around support services to children, ages 3-4, who are typically developing, or with developmental challenges who are at risk or from low-income families.

In this prosocial environment, each child learns at his or her own pace, enhancing social skills, emotional development, and a sense of individuality.

Since opening in Fall 2015, the CDC has grown quickly, and now includes 34 early childhood learners! This month the children are busy learning Kindergarten skills – how to write their names, upper and lower case letters, shapes and sizes, and cutting and pasting.

You can always feel the excitement when Kody O’ Bear comes to visit. Kody teaches the children about the fun of reading, the importance of healthy food choices and the joy of having good manners!

Please feel free to call us with any questions or to enroll your 3 or 4 year old with the Child Development Center: (302) 645-9184, or email our Head Teacher, Pam VanSant, pvansant@cbhinc.org


Parent Enrichment Classes

“Language to Literacy” Parent Enrichment Classes are now being held monthly. Come join us for our first class on March 14th at 4:45pm.

Missy Jones visits the Child Development Center

Missy Jones, from The Dental Group in Lewes, volunteers to come and teach the preschool children about the importance of oral hygiene.

"Looking after all your little one’s needs is a lot of work! But good dental habits and early care should be a high priority for every child. The National Institutes of Health estimates that over 40% of children between 2 and 11 have cavities."

"Early dental care can make a huge difference in the future of your child’s oral health."

Delaware Center for Youth Development

The Delaware Center for Youth Development (DCYD) works with local nonprofits, community leaders, schools, and businesses to identify those needs and priorities in the community. The Center is a community-based program striving to empower, educate, and address neighborhood priorities through professional development. Since 2006...

...the DCYD has worked with over 250 community organizations and 20,000 participants to provide over 3000 hours of professional development...

...in areas such as effective communication, teamwork, power, accountability, conflict resolution, and positive youth development.

Don't Miss our Upcoming Events!

These fundraising events are the key to our sustainability. Please attend, sponsor and/or contribute to one or all of these fabulous events so that the Children's Beach House can help children with special needs in Delaware for another 80 years!


Thank you to our Foundation and Trust supporters!

Children's Beach House | 1800 Bay Avenue, Lewes, DE 19958 | www.cbhinc.org | 302-645-9184
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