"Patron Saint Agnes of Rome" By Samantha Braverman

Saint Agnes lived from 291-304AD. She was born to a wealthy family in Rome and was very beautiful. Her hand in marriage was highly sought after, yet she decided to devote her life to God and remain chaste.

Young men got very frustrated when she denied them. Eventually, Procop, the governor's son accused her of being a Christian. She was promised beautiful gifts if she were to deny God, yet she never did. She was sentenced to death by sword at age 13.

St. Agnes of Rome is the Patron Saint of young women, chastity, rape survivors, and the Children of Mary. Her Feastday is celebrated on January 21st.

"Dear St. Agnes, help young women to resist the many temptations of life and to remain devout to God. Amen."








I have neither given nor received unauthorized help on this work. Samantha Braverman.

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