Rich and Poor Politics and Reform

The result of huge urbanization in the late 19th century and the early 20th century lead to huge social divides in cities, prior to government and community efforts to equalize cities.

"There is not a man or a woman or a child in New York who does not owe gratitude for making New York, in every part, so much more fit to live in than it was when he undertook the cleaning of the streets." - Col. George Sanders

Before efforts to clean cities, humans and animal waste ran rampant through the streets, living conditions were atrocities, with poorly lit streets, overcrowded tenant houses, and inflated rates for goods.

Wealth was not distributed evently, due to monopolies made notorious by the men below.

John D. Rockefeller
Henry Ford
Andrew Carnegie

Outside of cities, architecture became more complicated and extravagant for the wealthy.

As cities developed, politics and wealth were becoming more and more combined. New York was an example of this, with ferry monopolies for example.

Immigrants flocked to settlement houses, to learn important skills, such as the English language, or small work related tasks.
Ever since the Civil War and Reconstruction, women began gathering together to pursuit equal rights, like the right to vote.
Women rich and poor came together

This time period was a time of rising industry, and as a result more social and political development. America was becoming more and more connected, and growing as a World "Superpower". New movements would spring out of this time period, resulting in Depressions, new amendments to the Constitution, along with other things.


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