Midterm Portfolio by Lauren Feldman

By Lauren Feldman

Describe: This artwork shows different shapes and guiding lines. The model's emotion is serious. With the shapes of her face, makes her have a inhuman feature. The photography is interesting because the colors in the photo make it pop. The shapes of the face make the face look modern, and robotic.

Analyze: This photo uses leading lines, and shapes. On the model's face there are different shapes, triangles, and rectangles. The photo has leading lines because the shapes make your eyes want to wonder around the photo.

Interpret: This photo was made for a photography project. The photography was inspired from Alexander Khokhlovl. I was inspired by this photographer because he doesn't taken oridnary photographs. His photos don't have a true meaning. The feeling of this photo is serious because of the females face.

Evaluate: I believe this photo was a success because the finishing product is clean, and the photograph is interesting to look at. The emotion state of the model is serious. I made the model have a serious face, because I want the seeker to have their own take and opinion of the mood in this photo.

By Lauren Feldman

Describe: This photograph was made for a double exposure project. There are three different parts in the photo. On the left side of the photograph it is a member of a marching band, showing the model is in a marching band. On the right her favorite place to go is Disney World and in her eye is her favorite band members.

Analyze: This photo uses three operate photos, from different times to create a flowing photograph. This photo is "offish" because the photos blended into the photo aren't centered.

Interpret: The intended purpose for this photograph was to explain her favorite things. The people to look at this photo can infer that she is in a marching band, she likes to go to Disney, and she enjoys the band members.

Evaluate: I believe this photo was a success because the photos flow well together. One critique someone mentioned for this photo was that the line on the model's face is to harsh. I agree that it's harsh but for a good reason, the line breaks up the photo from her face.

By Lauren Feldman

Describe: This photo was made for a 3D film project. There are four models that are running away from a security guard

Analyze: The layered look was created by the angle that the photo would be taken. The layered look was created by the angle and the models in the photo. The people are placed in different depths creating the layered look.

Interpret: The purpose of this photograph was for a project in photography. The photo was made for the sequel of the movie "Ferris Bueller's day off". taken from a treatment of a sequel of 'Ferris Buelller's day off'. The treatment of the photo was Ferris' children and friends are trying to skip school but get caught by security and they make a run for it. In this photo I had to work on it a lot, when I took this photo it was dark and gloomy. I photoshopped the sky to be sunny, I also had to photoshop the reflection of the windows to balance out the new sky. I used the school to my advantage and change the name of Hough to Glenbrook. Lastly I changed the color of the model's jacket black and added the name security, so the viewer could understand what's going on.

Evaluate: This photo was a success because the viewers reviews were all positive. The 3D affect worked out really well with the layered look.

By Carla Rodriguez Cruz

Describe: This photo describing two different moods in the model's face. The first thing that caught my eyewash all of the different colors. At first it was a little overwhelming with all of the colors. The face on the left has her glasses on and the face on the right she doesn't have her glasses on.

Analyze: In this photograph there is texture. The texture in the photo is the model's hair and in the strips of colors. In the photograph there is the element of "offish" because the face on the right isn't centered to the other face creating the uncentered look.

Interpret: This photo is inspired by Luke Mack. This photographer is interesting because he doesn't take ordinary pictures. Luke Mack's photos have no meaning, they're just "art".

Evaluate: This photo was a success for what the photographer was going for. The photographer was going for a inspired take of Luck Mack's photo. The overall success of this photograph was the blending between the two faces.

By Carla Rodriguez Cruz

Describe: The appearance in this piece is a 3D work. A man is choking a female, he looks angry. The color is black and white. The font of the title is bold. The longer you look at this photo the more you see the emotion in the photo. The man is angry, and the female is helpless.

Analyze: The picture uses the main colors black and white to give the value a bigger exposition to the image which is based on drawing the viewer's attention to a particular part of the composition. As in for the distance the photo is filling in the frame and makes the viewer focus on what the artist is trying to communicate. With the 3D glasses it creates shadows with the title and the two models

Interpret: While it was being created the image was difficult to take because the scene was every violent. The mood parade into the artwork is uncomfortable. This photo was made to represent a serious scene in the sequel of Shutter Island.

Evaluate:This photo was a success for what the photographer was going for. The photographer achieved the setting for Shutter Island, the violence in the photo makes you want to know more about what's going on.

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