Gates of The Natinal Park

What the sign looks like when you get into the park.
Map of the park.

Parks History:

  • Located in Alaska.
  • On December 2, 1980 it became a Natinal Park.
  • It's a Natinal Park because of the wild rivers,glacier- carved valleys,age old trails. Endless summer light,and accepts the forces of nature.
  • Jimmy Carter was the president that named it a Natinal Park.

Tectonic Plates

  • There has not been any plate movement present but in the past they made the mountains.
  • The nearest plate is the Pacific Plate.
Tectonic plate map
Where Gates Of The Artic Is In Alaska
What it looks like on google earth

How people affected Gates of the Artic:

  • People have made better vegetation than other national parks and keep the population of animals up. They also bring lots of toursest.


Brooks Range:

The mountain that spreads more than 700 miles from the west to the east across northern Alaska and into Canada's Yukon. It is 8,976 ft tall. It is breaking the rock away which is causing deposition.

Alatna River:

The river is 83 miles long. The first twenty five miles are very rocky and can be very shallow. It's called the most beautiful river in the United States.

Arrigetch Peaks:

It is 2,192 ft high. It is also cluster if rugged granite spires in the endicott and brooks mountains. It takes 21 days to cross.

Why Visit:

Well if you visit there you and go camping,fishing,hiking, go in the ice caves , anew canoe. Also you can see all of the wild life. Such as grizzly bears, black bears, small mammals, moose,caribou,fish and lots of birds

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