EMERALD TIDE BOUDOIR GIRL, let's celebrate you

You want to book a boudoir session...because, let's face it - you're a bad ass bitch whose body deserves to be celebrated.

You might not believe that yet, but I can certainly show you that you are.

"First things first - what is a boudoir session, and why should I book one?"

Boudoir (boo-dwar) - is directly defined as a woman's private room or bedroom, in French. I define my boudoir sessions as intimate, confidence boosting, portrait sessions that show you how incredible your body is - and usually you don't know it until you see proof. Maybe you're married or in a relationship and want to remind your guy of what he has, or just ended a relationship and need to remind yourself of how absolutely amazing you are, or maybe you're single and just need some reassurance that you've got it going on. I am here to prove all of this to you - that's my job.

I'm here to prove to you that you are worth it, worth everything you deserve.

"How do I prepare for the session?"

When you book a session with me, you can either opt to do your own hair and make-up and be ready when you arrive or choose it as an add-on to your session by a professional hair and makeup artist. Before your session, you'll want to be sure to shave and moisturize and make sure your fingernails and toenails are clean and trimmed or painted. It's also best to not wear any tight fitting clothing before your session so that no bra or underwear lines are visible on your skin before we start.

"How does the session work?"

After you arrive, we'll go through your outfits - it's always better to bring more outfits than not enough. Be sure to bring clothing that you feel comfortable in. As a client, you do also have the option to choose from my boudie closet featuring lingerie ranging from robes and slips, to bras and one-pieces. Every item is thoroughly washed after each use, but you are however, required to bring your own underwear. Not comfortable baring it all? No worries - I want you to be completely you, even if that means bringing a favorite tee-shirt or oversize sweater, I'll show you that comfy can be sexy too.

Then we start shooting.

You might be thinking, "Um, I have absolutely NO idea how to be sexy! How in the world am I going to pull this off?" Well, it's not just YOU, I'm going to help you pull it off, and graciously at that. EVERYONE can pull it off. With your favorite music and champagne if you choose (after all, we're celebrating YOU!), and my help with posing and direction, we'll pull everything together to showcase the best parts of you and show you what you're not seeing in the mirror. I can't wait for you to see your bad ass self in a brand new light.

Get it girl.

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