ECONOMICS SOCIETY Potential events to sponsor

Our weekly events

Every other Wednesday we host a main meeting for our entire society. These typically consists of guest speakers. At each and every single one of these there would be an opportunity for a company representative or brand ambassador to give a 5-15 minute presentation.

In the weeks in between, we have smaller bimonthly meetings for Academics, Socials, EconWomen, Careers and Consulting, respectively. For the latter three we would be able to dedicate an entire meeting to EY; either in the form of a presentation or a workshop.

Overall, for our various bimonthly events I think a fair agreement would be to host EY if you in return pay for catering/drinks for the event. Our society would organise this with the University's catering team, and it would cost approximately £100-£400 per event (depending on type of event).

Economics FC and EconWomen Netball

When we started our football team last autumn we ordered custom jerseys worth £400. They currently have the Nike and Economics Society logos attached. We will be doing a similar thing for our EconWomen Netball team that's being started next term.

If EY could cover the cost of a set we would give EY exclusive right to have their logo on the jerseys.

Careers Fair — 25th September

We are hosting an afternoon event in Playfair Library together with partnering societies at the University of Edinburgh, in addition to Herriot-Watt, Glasgow and St Andrews.

From 3pm sponsors will give 10-20 minute presentations about their company and opportunities. Afterwards, at 6pm, there will be a wine reception and networking.

We ask of attending companies to cover their fair share of the wine cost. I.e., if there are 10 companies present, each company pay 1/10th of the cost of wine.

EconWomen Networking

For the past few years we have hosted networking events for EconWomen; typically breakfasts or afternoon tea for members and company representatives.

We would ask of EY to cover the cost of the breakfast or afternoon tea. Our society could organise the logistics.

Run for Charity

The meadows Marathon is a great event in the beginning of March where people can run 5km, 10km, half marathon or full marathon for charity.

We will be pushing for various society committees to take part in this, and to raise money from friends and family in addition to the money raised through registration fees.

It would be great to partner with EY on this, partly to encourage some representatives to join the run, but also to get financial support such that for every society member that runs, EY will donate ~£10 to a charity of choice.

Economics Ball

This autumn we are hosting our 3rd annual (charitable) economics ball. Two years ago, our 180 tickets sold out in under two hours. This year, we sold £8,000 worth of tickets (150) in under an hour.

Hosting an event like this in a venue like The Balmoral forces us to charge a high prize. Too high, for many of our members. By partnering with EY we would hope to make the Economics Ball more accessible to people from different backgrounds.

It is heavily advertised and it would be a great opportunity to have EY be an exclusive sponsor, which would be explicitly stated on each marketing material.

Scottish Economics Conference

In the Spring of 2018 we are hosting a student-run Scottish Economics Conference, together with students from five other universities. This is a great chance for EY to either be a leading sponsor (and be advertised on all materials), or to simply take part in workshops.

The money from a lead sponsorship would be used to cover venue fees, which will amount to over £3000.

Freshers' Week

Last freshers' week we sold 400 memberships for £5 each. A key factor behind our success was providing each new member with a custom Tote Bag, that contained a pen, book, magazine, notebook, candy and flyers.

Last year those included pens were provided by EY. We would love to, again, distribute useful branded items like that.

London Careers Tour

In early October we are taking 20-25 selected members on a subsidised trip to London to meet with various companies. We think this is a great opportunity for presentations, tours and networking.

We would love to visit EY's office while there, regardless of sponsorship.

Edinburgh Case Competition

Also in October we are hosting a full day case study competition. EY could be involved in the following ways.

  1. Give a presentation in the morning with advice on how to approach the problem.
  2. Be part of a panel that selects the winner.
  3. Give a prize of £1,000 in EY's name to the winner of the competition.
  4. Host a wine reception afterwards for networking.

Questions? or 07478728674.

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