#WoofWednesdays Kirra's Adoption Success Story

"Meet Hannah! This stunning lady has it all: looks, brains and an amazing personality. She already knows her basic commands and can’t wait to find a home where she can continue to learn new tricks and show off her smarts. Hannah was found as a stray here in Truckee. We don’t know too much about her story but that just gives you the opportunity to write a new one together. We have a feeling it will end happily ever after! This girl is young and full of energy and has a sweet nature, too. Are you looking for the perfect pal to explore the mountainsides of Lake Tahoe with? Look no further...Hannah is here and ready to be your best friend forever!"

Kirra (formerly known as Hannah) at HSTT

Melanie grew up in Truckee and her dad, Tony Lashbrook, was the City Manager at the time the new HSTT location was built. Her family would frequently visit the Humane Society just because they enjoyed visiting with the animals so much.

As adults, Melanie and Domingo were ready to add a furry friend to their family, but were living in a condo that didn't allow dogs so, lucky for Kirra, they had to bide their time before adopting.

After two years, they finally found a dog-friendly house in Santa Cruz with fenced front and back yards, located just a few blocks from a dog park, and less than a mile from the harbor and beach. Now they just needed to find the right dog...Melanie tells the story:

Domingo and I were looking for our perfect furry fit for months, both locally in Santa Cruz and in Truckee via HSTT's website. We loved looking through all of the dogs' clever profiles and photos online. We sent Lora, my sister, in to check out the dogs, bringing us along via FaceTime. Kirra (Hannah at the time) was new to the shelter and wasn't on the website yet. Lora walked from window to window showing us the dogs. When she got to Kirra's window Kirra jumped up to get closer and attentively cocked her head at Lora. We instantly sensed how intelligent and aware she was. It was love at first sight.

In the next few days, we drove up from Santa Cruz to visit and meet her and we fell further in love. When we first visited Kirra in her room, she rested her head in the crook of my neck. We knew then we wanted to take her home forever. We brought our family's dogs to meet her and see how they would interact. She was quite dominant with the other two dogs at first, but eased up once we all went on a long walk together. More than her interaction with the other animals, though, we noticed her intense connection with us. She was very aware, attentive, and obedient even though we'd just met.

We couldn't do an introduction with our 9-year-old cat, so we didn't know how they would get along, but we were certain we could make it work. We completed the paperwork and took Kirra home. With a lot of patience and the help of techniques we found online, the animals were introduced, eventually learned to tolerate each other, and are now in love. They have the perfect brother/ sister relationship and are often found getting into trouble, eating grass, or napping in the sun together.

Kirra continued to display dominance with other dogs and with the cat. She also had bad table manners, excessively barked at new house guests, and was overly protective of her house and owners. But she is a quick learner and has gracefully adapted to her new atmosphere. She now has impeccable manners, socializes with other dogs daily, and loves all of our people and furry visitors and accepts them as part of the family. She hardly barks at all... except at the mailman, who gives her treats daily after she incessantly barks at him (Sigh. You can't win them all!).

She is a sweet angel that goes on daily walks, runs, and adventures. She has many furry best friends, including her cat brother, Otis, and the long-haired doxie, Ozzie.

Kirra's a total goofball, very agile and athletic. She was originally scared of water, and now she loves the beach. She loves the snow, loves going on runs with Mom and Dad, and loves her stuffed babies so much that she doesn't tear them up and always returns them to her bed. She loves chasing birds and squirrels and pouncing on vole holes - although her record is about 0/1000 in catching them.

She wears a colored bandana scarf daily and feels naked without it. She excitedly picks the color she wants to wear each morning with a flirty look in her eye and her curly tail wagging.

She brings so much joy to our lives. She always gets compliments everywhere we go - especially on her lovely coat, curly long tail, and unique looks. She completes the family and definitely turned into quite the princess. We love her so much. Thank you HSTT for helping us find our perfect furry friend.

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