The Ocean

Despite looking like drinkable water, the ocean is made of salt water. If someone drinks salt water the salt will dehydrate them. The reason why salty water dehydrates people is because of the way salt is processed through the body. When salt is consumed it is usually absorbed, but when too much salt is absorbed the body needs to expel the excess salt. The body does this by using its fluids to dissolve the salt and flush it out as urine. Salt water contains so much salt that the salt can not be flushed out and it stays inside the body absorbing moisture.

Salt Crystals

The ocean is important to all life on earth. It is crucial to life because many creature rely on the ocean to live. The 97% of all living things live in the oceans. That is equal to about one million different species living in the ocean. Creatures like plankton create vast amounts of food for fish. In turn the fish create food sources for animals like birds and even humans. The ocean provides many of the necessities of life.

The ocean currents have a great effect on the Earth's climate. The currents bring cold water from the poles to the equator and warm water from the equator to the poles. This action brings warm water to places the would be frozen unless heated by the water. An example of this is the United Kingdom and Canada. The U.K. is warmer than Canada even though they are an the same line of latitiude because the warm Norwegian water current runs past it.

A Diagram of the Water Currents

The ocean has five zones. Each are stacked on top of each other like a layered cake. The zones from highest to deepest are the Sunlit Zone, the Twilight Zone, the Midnight Zone, the Abyss, and the Hadal Zone.


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