The Great Gatsby F.SCOTT FITZGERALD, AmbeR brannon

Nick Carraway - The narrator of the novel. Nick rents a small house next to Gatsby in West Egg and helps Gatsby reunite with Daisy, whom is his cousin.
Jay Gatsby - The protagonist within the novel. He is very wealthy and only wants to be reunited with Daisy, his one true love that he lost five years before. The " American Dream" lead him to Daisy and sooner or later death.
Daisy Buchanan - Beautiful and mesmerizing. She has a particular lifestyle that she has to have that Tom can give her. She excites men including Gatsby with her beauty and voice. She is Gatsby main goal. She represents the elite social class very well.
Tom Buchanan- Daisy's handsome husband. Comes from a wealthy family in Chicago and has much pride. He plays polo, rides horse, and drives fast cars to show off his luxury lifestyle. He has many affairs to which he is proud of.
Jordan Baker- Professional golfer. Daisy's best friend in which represents a particular class. She is young and a single woman of wealth.
Myrtle Wilson- Married to George but is in love with Tom. She represents the lower class but gets to experience the elite class by having affairs with Tom
George Wilson- Myrtles husband. He runs a garage and gas station in the Valley of Ashes. He finds out about Daisy's affair and it helps drive her to her death.
The Great Gatsby takes place in West Egg and East Egg in New York.
Nick has just moved to West Egg to visit his cousin Daisy and her husband. He then meets Gatsby and finds Gatsby is in love with Daisy and tries to help Gatsby reunite with Daisy. Gatsby starts doing activities with Daisy and Tom and the others and falls more in love with Daisy. Tom starts to find out that Gatsby has feeling for Daisy and they start to argue at dinner. They soon wonder is the " American Dream" really worth it and it's not what it's cracked up to be.
The turning point in The Great Gatsby is when they are all at dinner and Tom and Gatsby start to argue over Daisy. Things then start to go downhill from there.
After the big fight, Myrtle runs out to the street thinking Tom is driving the car when it's actually Daisy. Daisy strikes Myrtle and kills her.
George goes to Gatsby house and shoots him because of a misunderstanding, he thought Gatsby had ran over Myrtle.
I would highly recommend The Great Gatsby to anybody. It is a great book and it teaches you about the " American Dream" and makes you question what is the American dream and is it really all that great.


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