Good Life Performance A deeper look into The divine

The physical setting captivated me and my imagination. I felt a feeling that had only come to me when I attended formal plays or operas. This feeling promotes a sense of professionalism with some mystery involved within. My seats were to the right close to the stage, and this gave me the opportunity to have a close view of the play, which allowed to me to personally connect with the performance and truly get an experience out of it. The dimming lights heightened my interest and made me excited for what was to come. The idea of place in the god life is relative to the person rather than the location. This means that even though others may see your place as disadvantageous and poor, you may see it as the best place you could have asked for.
I attended the performance with a few of my friends who I knew from high school. We all met up beforehand and walked over together, looking forward to the performance we were about to witness. Attending this play with them helped make it the amazing experience that it was. Their ability to interpret plays and have intellectual conversations is one of the reasons I was friends with them in the first place, and we had a blast discussing the play after we had seen it. Shared experiences are important in developing one's sense of thought and decision-making. While independent experiences are also important, shared ones give you a look into other perspectives and how these perspectives were shaped by other people's experiences.
The play addressed the issue of change and how it can truly influence a society, or in this instance, a city and change it to be more understanding. I knew a good amount of the subject matter beforehand but I threw it all to the winds before watching the play, hoping to first gain an entirely new perspective then compare that to the one that I formed over my experience on the matter. This subject matter has a relationship with my own life, dealing with change and certain struggles that were placed on me by society. I learned to embrace where I came from and to always take on a challenge with a fresh and open mind, never making a decision before clearly listening to and analyzing both sides.
The play gives an opportunity for katharsis by allowing the characters to express themselves and the audience to take part in these experiences and interpret them. These experiences allow one to be human and happy by avoiding societal barriers that so often hold people back and prevent them from fully expressing themselves. The play gives one the opportunity to see the world from all these different perspectives and their reactions based on the events that take place throughout the play. The events that transpire throughout the play help one see what it means to come clean and express yourself.

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