Student Newsletter April 2018

Welcome again to the third edition of the CSDE Student Newsletter.

What's Been Happening?!

Western Alliance Multischool

In Week 9 of Term 1 the Year 7 - 10s of Charleville, Longreach and Mount-Isa (known as Western Alliance) all travelled down to Longreach to participate in the first Multischool.

Hi, my name is Renae and I went to the Toowoomba Music Camp 2018. This is my second year going to this event and it has been as enjoyable as the first one. Even though I am not the best violin player, I still really enjoyed the experience. It was just so wonderful to hear the cellos with the double basses and all the other string instruments play together to make a beautiful masterpiece.

It was not just string instruments at music camp but every instrument that you could think of. From trumpets to flutes to guitars to everything! There were people from all different schools but I was the only distance ed person at music camp. Everyone was nice and I met a few people while I was there. It was a bit scary at first but it was all good once you got started. On the last night of camp, we had a concert in the big auditorium. We all had to wear a music shirt for the concert and we got to keep it. I felt like a glow stick in that shirt but all was good and the concert was great! I would definitely go back to music camp next year.

Rain is coming By Renae

I hear the thunder,

I feel the wind blowing in my hair,

I smell the strong fresh droplets of rain swirling around me.

I see the dark clouds engulfing the sky.

Cattle know that big rain is coming to end the dry.

Farmers race round at the last minute, trying to find cover for their bikes and tractors while poor dogs are left shaking under their houses.

Lightning and thunder getting closer and closer,

While the farmer’s wife is shouting for her husband to duck for cover.

All are now praying and all are now waiting for the big one to come.

The rain is here, the rain is here!

We all shout, dance and cheer as it pours over the dry land.

Watching the red dust swirl and settle as the rain tramples the dirt into mud.

Oh, what a blessed day.


Jayden with Savannah's horse Glitterbug
One of Renae's really cute baby Guinea Fowls!


In Term 1 the Year 3's had an optional creative writing unit.
The Year 5's have done an independent research topic about ‘time’ and make a powerpoint slide about it.
Brodie and Jordan learning to code a micro:bit at Multischool. Students use coding to programme the devices and make them interactive – users can press buttons and make different messages and icons appear using LED lights. Jordan and Brodie were able to programme their micro:bits to create images and a short interactive game.
The Girl Guides have been doing a badge on the Commonwealth Games. We recently had to make our own country, name it then create a flag and uniform for the Commonwealth Games.

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