Haleigh Svede

Yoga Photo Story

sun salutations
"be here now"
elephant toes
split in two
meditation from the mat
calming tree pose
little toy warriors

Environmental Photo

locker room talk

Cherry Blossom Pink Pancake Breakfast

little red hat
pink shirts and big grins

Macon Photos

flowers in the afternoon
Slippin' and slidin'
around the bend
risk it!
loop holes

Sunsets and Shimmers

sparkles and lions
Macon sunsets

Pups and Cups

"Kiss me down by the broken tree house"
puppy eyes

Sunset Jazz Concert

sunset concert

Garden of the Gods Finds

peace rocks
yin and yang

Arches National Park, Moab, Utah

ain't no valley low enough

Grand Canyon

little people, big canyon

Rabbit Rabbit

Delicate Arch

a dad, a daughter and an arch

"To the moon, Alice"

"to the moon, Alice"
cotton candy skies

Pikes Peak

"up, up and away"
watch out for big foot

30 for 235


Go Bears

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