Boom To Bust Teaghan Satin

During the Roaring 20s everybody was living care free. No one cared about anything at all. Everyone thought the economy was doing great, but what they didnt know was that the economy was on the verge of a collapse. That would put the United States of America into a deep deep depression.

Foreclosure on Farm

Farmers have to sell all of their property, because they can't afford the land they have.

Wealthy African Americans in middle class

Almost all African Americans migrated over to Harlem to be with friends and family, and to avoid racism and segregation.

Blacks Shaping Jazz

African Americans played jazz music in clubs and speakeasies during the 20s

Women head of House

Women had to do all of the chores because their husbands were looking for work.

Women voting for first time

Women earned the right to vote when they gained the 19th amendment in 1919.

In the depression everyone suffered at least a bit. Some more then others but everyone suffered and was affected. The economy was at an all time low with up to 25% in unemployment. Farmers could at least grow their own food. But, they started losing their farms because they couldnt afford them. The government at least gave them cattle. African Americans were getting laid off first so they didnt have anything, but they kept their spirits by going straight to music or jazz. Hoover did not know what to do. People even named little poor shack towns after him called hoovervilles. But, soon FDR came into office everyone was sad and thought this terrible economic nightmare was never going to end until he came in. Roosevelt changed the way the citizens of America saw the government they really thought the government understood what was going on. But, Roosevelt also expanded the power of the president more than anyone else ever has. People at home now barely making any money had to start eating at soup kitchens. People had to sell everything they had including their homes. They literally had nothing. They had to start making makeshift homes out of anything they could find.

African Americans in Government

African Americans were able to be in government because of majority this occurred because of all of the African Americans moving to one certain area (Harlem)


Unemployment raised to 25% it was the highest in history

Farm For Sale

Farmers had to sell all of their land because they made a surplus amount of product that no one was buying or using.

Poor African Americans

African Americans were being the first to be laid off and with the music business on the verge of collapsing African Americans had nothing so they had it worse then whites.

In the 20s African Americans were finally gaining the respect they deserved, Farmers in the early 20s were selling major amounts of food products for the army, women now gained the 19th amendment which got them the right to vote. Modernism and social darwinism was taking over the country. People began buying everything on the market that they didn't have, but no one could actually afford these products so they started buying off of credit. Their debt kept on rising and rising, but they just didn't care. Then, people started investing in stock. But, soon they figured out the companies they invested in weren't doing that well after all, because everyone was paying by credit so they didn't actually make money. But, now that their products were “selling” they made a surplus amount of products. People then started dropping all of their stock which led to the stock market crash. Which was one of the many factors that caused the great depression.

Louis Armstrong

African Americans shaped the music industry in the 1920s and basically created jazz


Moms had to take care of their children with no father help because they were looking for work.

Shaping Music

In the depression even when blacks had nothing they still fell back and went to music

Stock Brokers

Stock Brokers lost their jobs because of the crash.

Free food

Soup kitchens were set up for the poor during the depression because most people couldn't afford to feed themselves.

Stock Exchange

Stock Brokers had to deal with this everyday in 20s before the crash


People were starving and couldnt afford to live because they couldnt find jobs


Because of sales farmers cant afford anything so they have to sell everything they have

The depression changed a lot of ways people thought about the government and the economy people really cared now. They soon came out of this economic struggle and became strong again.

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