Chimeropia The end of creativity and creation ends here

Chimeropia Overview

Chimeropia is a utopia that is located amid the pacific ocean on a lost island. The utopia was created in 1459 by Columbus Areridus. He created it to be a safe haven for Creations and other magical related beings and entitys. This art of magic has been lost to humans every else except for the safehaven Columbus Areridus created. The Island is now separeted into three main creation elements of earth, water and air. By 2000 their are now over two hundred smaller elemental families including fire, life and death.

Chimeropia is ruled by the strength of the Creations. In the utopia, people spend most of their time creating using their element to create Creations. Creations are manly creatures by do not have to be. Creations determined a person's popularity and social rank.

Chimeropia's Seal

Chimeropia's seal represents that their is no end to creativity. The seal also relates to magic and creations which the community is built around to protect. The swirls represent the three main elements and that they are never ending.

Chimeropia's Rules

These are the general rulings of Chimeropia.

1.Creations cannot leave the creation area untill pronounced safe.

2.No creation is aloud to posses another entity.

3.All citizens must be within their houses by 8:30 to avoid being eaten by Spectors.

4.Citizens are only aloud to create with the element of your elemental family.

5. Summoning may only be done with the approval of the consul.

6.Injustices must be resolved by a duel of magic and creations that you have created.

7. Each citizen must have a magi guide assigned to them and with them at all times.

8. Rights will be given to the citizen depending on the rank of the strength of their creations.

9.Creations that are creatures that are controllable, the consul must have power to control them.

10. A citizen without the ability to create will be banished.

Typical day for a Chimeropian

Friday - Sunday: 6:00, Wake up, 7:00 - 9:00, Mourning activities, 10:00 - 5:00, free time 6:00 - 8:00, Evening feast, 8:30, Return to dwelling.

Monday - Thursday: 6:00, Wake up, 7:00 - 9:00, Mourning activities, 10:00 - 4:00, work, 5:00 -7:00, Free time, 8:00 Return to dwelling, 9:00 -10;00, Evening meal.

The Government of Chimeropia

Chimeropia is ruled by a democracy. The rulers on the consul are chosen by the people and remain in office until they are no longer to preform creations. If a change of leader is wanted before they can preform creations, the people may choose a champion to duel a consul member in a duel of creations. The winner will be the new member of the consul. A leader may only create two rules during his ruling. Each new rule must pass by the community.

Membership Requirements

The requirements of being a Chimeropian citizen is simple. You must be able to make a Creation and follow all rules of the community. To apply for the community you only have to arrive.

Persausive Appeal

Living in Chimeropia is a great place to live. 80% of your time their will be free time to do whatever you want. It is a simple place to live with few laws and has an never ending amount of creativity. To live here, the only end to your happiness, is your end of creativity.

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