Mississauga 2.0 Energy & Water Specialist

Issues and problems that exist in Mississauga

Mississauga is fortunate to be located near Lake Ontario and this is where we get our water and generate our electricity but it would be more fortunate if we realize that the animal habitat is being destroyed as we pollute Lake Ontario. As we filter the water your our used we pollute the water for the animal life. we take water for granted and waste it everyday as we brush our teeth and leave the tap open or we take long showers. Another problem is we use need less amount of electricity and this may cause blackouts as for the water we take electricity as granted and we can reduce this by opening the windows on a windy day and use the sunlight instead of turning on the lights.

Is this situation unsustainable for Mississauga

As we know that electricity and water are both non-renewable. This situation is unsustainable for Mississauga because we use them for unnecessary things. we as a society do not care about sustaining water and electricity because it does not effect them but it will effect the future generation. we are using the fresh water and the electricity that is produced by the fossils. There are many ways we are wasting electricity as we have a lot of street lights that we barely use. for water it's the same as we flush down the toilet , not putting the water stopper while washing dishes.

How do you propose to make Mississauga more sustainable within your urban planning committee?

  • limit the amount of water each area can use.
  • Make our community clean
  • Replacing street lights with LED lights which are more energy efficient. they reduce the cost and energy consumption.
  • we can use solar energy which are renewable and beneficial for the people and the society.
  • we can have more recycling bins near near Lake Ontario
  • Hydro energy is another way.

Propose to make Mississauga more sustainable within your urban planning committee?

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