The Harn Museum of Art By Taylor Shaw

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

This eye catching sculpture is the first thing I saw when I entered this part of the Harn museum. The sculpture is called "Untitled" by John Chamberlain. The medium of this art piece is so unique because the artist used materials like aluminum foil, acrylic, lacquer, and polyester resin. Although at first glance this sculpture may just seem like a piece of trash or old cans, it is actually a car that was compressed into this ball shape. When sculptures recycle old materials like cars I also wonder what their pervious life was like, who they belonged too and all the happy memories that were apart of this old car.

Design of the Museum

The "Highlights from the Photography Collection" exhibit included several parts and different rooms. In this wing of the museum, when you walk through the archway there is a light green wall that says "Mirror Mirror... Portraits of Frida Kahlo" but the main emphasis was on her picture that can be seen through the archway. The blue wall with her picture always had this yellow light and evoked a feeling of importance even though I originally did not know who she was. Although there were multiple parts of this exhibit, the way it was arrange placed the majority of the importance on the Frida Kahlo pieces. There was even a separate room that was playing a video to provide visitors with more background information. The room was dark with a projector and only a few seats to create an intimate movie theater feeling. All of these features and the layout made me enjoy this exhibit more and understand the material.

Art and Core Values

When I originally saw this piece of art I didn't think I could relate to it at all because me and the girl in the picture physically do not have anything in common. However after reading the information card next to the painting I had a totally different interpretation of this piece of art. The card said that the picture involves issues an individual and group identity formation. I think I can relate to this because college is the time where both teenage girls and boys have the desire to figure out who they are and what their good life looks like. Also I can relate to the way the girl is standing in the photo. She looks awkward or uncomfortable but honestly I felt that myself when looking at her picture because sometimes I am uncomfortable in my own skin and do not like my picture taken.

Art and the Good Life

I saw this exhibit of "Highlights from the African Collection" and immediately thought it tied into the topics with civil rights and Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Back in the time of these civil rights activist they were fighting for equal rights for people of all colors and backgrounds. Unfortunately even today there is still harsh discrimination against people of minority groups. I think this collection can help people see the beauty in African Americans and their culture because by all the pictures and sculptures show something very special. The last two pictures I included I thought were beautiful because they showed daily activities and celebrates for the African American people in these countries. Also with the two sculptures, the detail is incredible and the quality is impressive. For the people that have been discriminated against and the people that are still being discriminated, we should be fighting to help them achieve their good life of having equality because ultimately that would be beneficial for society as a whole.

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