App Journal María José Nava

Lesson 1

  1. Snapchat
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Whatsapp
  5. Facebook

I Think that these 5 apps that I use daily have the main purpose of helping you to communicate with the people around you and create new bonds. All of them have different functions, but all have the capacity to help you connect to all the people over the world, with pictures, videos, text, etc.

Lesson 2

  • App that remember the things from your room.
  • An alarm with a good/non stressful ringtone to wake up.
  • An app that answer whatsapp messages depending on the thoughts you are having.
  • An app that may have advice, like first aid information.
  • An app that has information of the people you have in front, so that you can make a conversation with interesting points.

Lesson 3

From the brainstorm I make, I got to the conclusion that I would like to focus my app on young adults and olders. In the Idea for my app I would like that the people take it serious. They may have several features and options but it will be easil distributed.

Lesson 4

From all the apps I use the easiest one is Whatsapp. I think that whatsapp is a very useful and practical app. Cause it does not have a lot of options, just to send messages and pictures. Then twitter that you can see the tweets of everyone and make trending topics. Snapchat and Instagram are the most difficult ones. You can make a lot of things make groups, share pictures, etc.

Lesson 5

The idea from the brainstorm that I liked the most was the first aids helper. In this app you may have different ideas of the problems you may face in your health in daily life. This app may face several problems because health is something you may take care of always, and advices have to be really specific and also updated to modern medicine.

Lesson 6

My app will help people in difficult situations when they have any health issues. This app may have videos explaining how to manage the problem the patient is facing. This app has to exist because in this way you may solve problems in a short period instead of having to wait to the ambulance and that anything worst may happen.

Lesson 7

The app of +Adis Trainer may have several special features. The bluetooth may always be turn on because the owner of the app may share videos or the audio of the video with the bluetooth. The app will also use Siri for a faster reaction. Airdrop may also help the customers to share to other devices for an specific amount of time.

Lesson 8

The app may use the find my iphone to connect with other devices, so that the people you love may know were they can find you. It will also be mixed with the reminders, so that the app can help you to always take medicines, do exercises or drink water.

Lesson 9

The idea of the app I am creating already exist. I downloaded different apps that have health purposes and I got to the conclusion that all of them are really simple and the structure is really confussing. This apps have liek 5 different options maximum, instead my app will be first divided by ages, then by the parts of the body involved. Another important thing is that the other apps are only explained with words. My app will have the video so that you can understand in the easiest way possible. The app may have some videos as the one shown below.

Lesson 10

Arangement: The app may be arranged in 4 sections only. Babies, Youth, Adults, and +70). This would make the app easier, in this way you may not loose time and it would lead you directly to the info you need. Colors: The design of the app will be colorful, this will be designed in the way that every section may have it´s specific color. Font: The font may legible, so that may not confuse or be boring to the servers.

Lesson 11

An app that I consider that may be really popular for it´s app icon is twitter. In this app were very creative because instead of creating something easy like a T or something similar they get to a way in which you usally use the name as a verb and how the name tweet goes with the bird.

"And Tweet? Like a bird?"


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