Evolving Transformation A shorter style with extensions.

The Beauty and Fashion industry is in a constant evolution. every aspect of my work is centered around creativity in change.The steady flow of technique adaptation married with rolling waves of trends forever keeping my creative craft in a state of inspiration.

“You can’t use up Creativity, the more you use, the more you have.” -Maya Angelou

•Julie•(1st Before small picture), (1st After BIG picture)

Today, I had the pleasure of transforming Julie’s long ‘Victoria Secret’ waves look into a beautiful blunt lob.🖤 You should know that when she first came to me her fragile fine hair had been badly damaged with heat bond extensions. 😔

(Small picture is 2nd Before) (BIG picture is 2nd After)

In the beginning of her journey, she desired longer and fuller hair. Thanks to Pinterest, and 8 months growth of her natural hair, Julie has both the desire and capacity with the growth of her natural hair to rock a full, and beautiful trendy lob!

Fast Forward 8 Months...

(Small picture, 3rd Before, look at all the growth she has had since the beginning of her journey!)

Extensions do not always equal length! They create abundance add substance to fine hair inside a trendy structured haircut like the lob!! Thank you, Jules, for your stellar vibes and trusting me with your locks!

If you’re ready to live your BEST hair life, click the following link, and see if you’re a good candidate to sit in my chair!

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CJ Damm

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