Career Action Plan By: allyssa danieli

Personal Profile Summary and Influencing Factors

Interests Survey

My top interests were people and information. I find this is accurate because I am very social and I like interacting with people but i also love to express myself through dancing, singing and acting even though I'm not very good at any of them.

Learning Styles

For the most part I am a kinesthetic learner I learn by doing hands on activities I also focus better on my work if I have something to fiddle with on the side. In certain subjects I can also be a visual or auditory learner for example in music you learn by listening and correcting not by doing hands on activities.

Multiple Intelligence's Survey

My top result was bodily/kinesthetic. I feel this is accurate because I am a very fidgety person and I can't sit still for long periods of time. I can focus better when I have a small distraction such as a stress ball to fiddle with.


To me success means to reach your goal what ever it is, better grades, a diet, if you set and reach a goal I believe you have succeeded.

What Are You Proud Of?

One thing in my life that I am proud of is earning my Canada Cord award. It took me nine years in Girl Guides to achieve this award and is one of my few life accomplishes so far.


One person I look up to is my Nonno (grandpa in Italian). I look up to him because when he was 18 he had the courage to leave his country, his family and friends and everything he knew behind him to move to another country. Even though he didn't do it for me directly I cant help but feel he still did it for me, he did it for a better future that included me and my family. This is the bravest thing someone has done for me.

Values Survey

My top value was adventure. This is accurate because I love to camp, ride bikes, fish, hike and pretty much any other outdoor activity. I love exploring new places and places most people don't know exist.


Someone I know who is a good leader is my Girl Guide leader Denise. I don't know how long shes been a part of Girl Guides, at least 20 years, but she has dealt with misbehaving children, children who listen, even children who backtalk and she still rises above to get the job done and do it for years after.

Opportunities: In School

Educational Opportunities

In grades nine and ten I have not taken any elective courses to benefit my career path I have only taken the compulsory nine and ten science courses. In the future I plan to take more specific science courses to better discover my more specific career path.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

participate in many extra-curricular activities in school such as, Black Door Theatre and choir. These extra-curricular activities would not directly benefit my career path, they are just hobbies. Our school does not offer many extra-curricular activities that would benefit my career path.

Opportunities: Out-of-School

VOLUNTEER Opportunities

All of my volunteer experiences have been with children so I don't think they helped my career much, just made me realize I love kids but don't want a career with them.

employment Opportunities

As I'm only fifteen I haven't had many employment opportunities. The opportunities I have had have only made me realize I do not want a career in the retail business.

Occupational Information

Occupation of interest

My occupation of interest is a forensic scientist. Everyday job duties for a forensic scientist depend on the field of forensics you would like to get into for example Dr. Brennan on the show Bones is a forensic anthropologist. A forensic anthropologist would deal with bones to find the cause of death, time of death and identify the person if it wasn't possible before. To be a forensic scientist you need to be patient because it takes time for evidence to be cleaned and processed, you need to be focused because if you lose concentration you may skip a step or do a step twice which could cause corruption in finding the evidence needed.

Education required

To become a forensic scientist you need to have your bachelors degree in forensic science or a related field such as biology, chemistry or physics. You will need your masters degree in the field you choose to specialize in. Additional training is required for all fields as they progress and technology advances. Some fields will require you to have a doctoral degree or other certifications as needed.

My Future

At Age 25

At age 25 I plan to be in school after possibly travelling for a few years. If I do not decide to travel before school I plan to be done school and starting my career at age 25. I will most likely live in a small apartment by myself or with a friend or two.

At age 45

At age 45 I plan to be far in my career, maybe had a few promotions or be the head of a department and starting to plan my retirement. Personally I plan to be married with kids and a dog and a cat by age 45. I will live in a nice house in a small town with a big yard for my kids to play and grow.

at age 65

At age 65 I plan to be retiring and to do more travelling with my husband and when we are done travelling we will settle down near our children and grandchildren so we can see them more often.

Life Long Learning

I plan on learning throughout my life through my job and travels and life in general. I will learn how to be better at my job, how to be a better parent and how do better decipher right from wrong and good from bad.

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