Relaxing, Adventurous Bali Holiday by jeorgie brown

Relaxing, Adventurous Holiday
Traveling Information

Travelling information: You will be travelling with jet star. you can choose either business or economy, economy is $389 per person and business is $658 per person for flights there and back. The travel time is from 5:45pm till 9:00pm the plane for both economy and business. Because you are flying with jet star there are screens at the back of the seats in front of you, if you want to watch a movie is is $4 but if you want to watch more than just one than it is $10.


Accomodation: If you are wanting this type of holiday you will be staying at the 4 star hotel, the Jakarta hotel in Semenyak Bali. you choose when you get to the hotel if you want a room closer t the pool or away from the pool and you also get to decide how many beds you want in your room ( if you want a double or single). There are many things to do at this hotel like you can go across the road right at the back of the hotel and watch the sunset on the beach, you can swim around the pool ( they have service around the pool for drinks and food), also out the front of the hotel is shopping! they have nail salons, day spa and massages. The service at this hotel is amazing every person is friendly and they also have free wifi !!!. The food is great they have a buffet in the two restaurants there ( i recommend going to the restaurant at the back because it is less busy).


Activities to do: They are many activities to do in Bali, because this is an adventurous and relaxing holiday you can discover all of the beach clubs such as Sundays beach club- which is a white sand beach with clear ocean water, Finns Beach Club, the w, Mrs Sippy Beach Club. You should also go to the waterfall in ubud, the ubud restaurant to look out at the rice paddies and go to the ubud monkey temple. There are also other beaches to go to, to go jet skiing and other water activities. For food you can go outside of the hotel and look around at the local restaurants, but my favourite restaurant is laluchiola, it isa restaurant right on the beach best known for as the best place to watch the sunset. If you want to look at animals there is an ubud zoo and when you go to the beaches most of them will have surfboards for hire.

Important information

Information: Just some simple information is that when you go to Bali what ever you do never drink the water from the taps because you could get sick and it will ruin your whole holiday, so just stick to bottled water


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