Gharials By, ElijaH Goosey

Have you ever heard of the rare reptilian called the Gharial? It is a critically endangered member of the cocodilian family. Rapid loss of habitats and food sources are making Gharials disappear. The Gharial's biggest enemy is humans, who are destroying their habitats and stealing their food. Year after year the Gharial Is suffering from loss of riverine habitat and fish. Today people

are trying to help the Gharial from dying out or becoming extinct in every way they can.


The certain locations of the Gharial include Pakistan, Ganges river, girwa, chambal rivers,young over a year old prefer to hide

In thick vegetation. India, napal,rainforest biome of mahanadi,,other parts of the Indian subcontinent, Riverine, fast moving waters, and

Tropical humid weather. Found in slow moving waters.


If you guessed that Gharials lay eggs like most reptilians do then your right! Here are the facts about Gharial breeding:

the nest must be layered with sand in between. Females guard the nest males do not.same approximate site used Each year. Breeding occurs during March or April. Males Become very territorial during breeding season. Gharials are oviparous animals that reproduce eggs. Usually gharials live alone however, males and females breed between November

And January. The males blow bubbles from his swollen snout to

Attract and mate with the female. The female then lays her eggs

In which she lives. She lays 28-43 eggs that hatch after 2

To 3 months.

Back view of a Gharial underwater.



The diet of the Gharial is very interesting. Their diet

may include Aquatic frogs, plant material, soft shell turtles,water

Birds,and small mammals. they also eat small stones to help digest

Their food. Juveniles eat tadpoles, frogs, and insects. The adults

Eat fish. Some individuals are scavengers and will eat dead animals that they find.

Gharials usually eat fish.


Created with images by Bryn Pinzgauer - "At the River Safari" • AntoGros - "Ghariyal" • lynnylchan - "River Safari-6" • PaulMLocke - "Fish"

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