Carving by akabach y.

The Chicago Bulls are a very good basketball team. I like them very much, and I also live in Chicago so it was easy to get the idea to design my logo. I made it my own by removing the sign "Chicago," and putting my name on it.

I wanted to show strength and endurance in my logo that is why it is the head of a bull. Bulls are very strong and couragous animals.

I searched google to find my idea.

I customized my design by putting a heart around it.

In order to make sure that my design would carve, I made the lines thicker with a sharpie. My original design was the head of the bull surrounded by a heart. However, that did not work well because the logo would not fit to be carved. That is why I changed my logo to the head of the bull with just the printing.

To prepare my logo for carving, I changed the drill bit to 1/16 which is the size it would carve by drawing.

My carving took about 37 minutes. I changed material dimensions for x to 6 inches; for y to 6 inches, and z to 0.25.

In order to prepare the carvey machine for carving, I first vacumeed the inside of the machine. Then, I loaded the filament to the carvey machine and placed it to the left with 4 prongs holding onto it.

My carving did not turn out the way I planned because it didnt look exactly like I designed it. I am proud of the fact that my design actually carved and it does look like a bulls head. The most difficult part was to draw the bulls head because it had so many details.

I put a red colored filament in order to represent my logo, and make it stand out better.

The machine works in circles carving each letter and the logo. It takes time. The most exciting part was that I could not wait for the carving to be done, so I could take a look at what I already did.

I was suprised by how my carving turned out. The lines were not all good, and bulls eyes were missing. It taught me that I should have done a better job at sketching my logo, and tracing it with my sharpie more thoroughly.


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