why young CHILDREN should not be using electronics

Many parents allow their children to use computers and other electronic devices to keep them occupied.

Parents who allow their preschool and kindergarten aged children to use electronics should no longer allow them to play with technology, because it has dangerous effects on eyes.

Overusing technology can cause dry eye disease and poor vision.

If children have poor vision, they will have to start wearing glasses when they are still young.

  • If parents let their children play with electronics freely, children may spend too much time on it.
  • Longer time children stare at the screen means more damage their eyes are getting.

Many young children enjoy playing games on smartphones and tablets, but they are not aware of the damages that their eyes are getting.

Parents are responsible for protecting their children's eyes while they are still young.

If parents do not give their children electronics until they reach a certain age, the chance of children having poor vision and dry eye disease while they are still young will be greatly reduced.


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