Bird Middle School hosts 16th Annual Country Fair By Allison millette and Chloe patel

Bird Middle School hosted the 16th annual sixth grade Country Fair on Thursday, May 24. Students received their country early in March and worked individually to gather information to present the night of the fair to family and friends. In addition to creating a tri-fold board addressing significant information, students created a slideshow explaining a prominent issue their country faces and a probable solution. This has been a new addition to the project and encourages a broader understanding of the world.

Students pose in front of their projects (Photos/Allie Millette).

“Watching the students appreciate and acknowledge the hard work of one another is a big part of what makes this project gratifying and successful,” said Mary Abplanalp, the sixth grade social studies teacher. “Our goal is that students will take a piece of their project and continue to think about the role they play in the greater global world.”

Students connected with their country’s culture and provided an engaging visual by wearing traditional wear from their country. In addition to costumes, students made food. Others had items they felt represented the culture, such as Lily Donnelly, who was assigned New Zealand. She brought in a ukulele to play during the fair.

“[The coolest fact I learned about New Zealand is] that’s where they filmed The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings,” said Donnelly. “My favorite part [of the project] was how proud I felt of making it.”

While completing the project, students connect what they find to the social studies curriculum.

Students smile in front of their poster boards (Photos/Allie Millette).

“I like finding out all the religions [the Netherlands] practice,” said Kaitlyn Holland. “It was really fun.”

“Seeing it all come together [was my favorite part],” said Kimberly Garcia-Perez. “Everyone’s [country] is different.”

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