In November 2016, A few smart ladies (and their very smart friends & hubbies) decided to go about gathering evidence of election tampering in Pennsylvania. We call ourselves the Ladies of Liberty and here's what we have discovered so far. Take a deep breath. This data is highly disturbing but absolutely true. We want to bring our country back to a citizen controlled democracy. We found 10 Evidence Based Examples of Election Tampering in Pennsylvania. If you care to helps us send email to XXX.. or donate here XXX. Here is the list and her is our story:

#1 Berks County - Election Tampering

#2 Chester County - Voter Purging, Voter Suppression, Voter Blocking, Vote Chopping in Chester County

#3 Allegheny County - Conspiracy to block legally paid for Recount and violation of > 300 Citizens Demanding completion of that Recount

#4 Luzerne County - XXX

#5 Erie County - Eerie Election Irregularities including XXX

We captured the screenshot of the Berks county results on Dec. 13th as well as Dec. 19th and got 2 Totally Different "Certified Results" reports. One with only 123 precincts reporting on Dec. 13th and another with all 204 precincts reporting but the exact same grand total votes for Clinton/Trump. This is not possible without human tampering of the electronic machine generated report. This is our Proof #1 That Berks county Pennsylvania did not honestly tabulate the citizen's votes. This county alone could have changed the outcome of that state's Electoral votes!

So naturally, we thought this was suspicious that SOMEONE was telling the Election Director Deborah Olivieri "that she was instructed to re-run the report and it is correct." But by the snapshot in the email, it showed only 123 of 204 precincts reporting- yet there is no possible way that was CORRECT. So we learned that the Election Director of Berks is 100% dependent on the Voting Machine Vendor a guy by the name of Ransom Shoup, III of Elections USA to service the voting machines. A tiny bit of research and we find that his father Ransom Shoup, II was convicted of Election Fraud in 1979 in Philadelphia see ( finding t (our Vendor's Dad) basically had obstructed justice and the final determination was "There was substantial evidence presented from which the jury reasonably could have concluded that Shoup conspired with Goldsmith for the twin purposes of defrauding the United States and of obstructing the lawful investigation of a federal grand jury, and that he endeavored to obstruct justice. Shoup's various contentions that the trial court committed reversible error also are without merit. There was testimony that Shoup deliberately, and in concert with his friend Goldsmith, set out to breach his promise to the United States that he would impartially investigate the causes of the widespread malfunctioning of voting machines in the November 1978 Philadelphia general election. He was entrusted with the responsibility of assessing whether the breakdowns in the machines actually represented an attempt by city officials to subvert the basic right of the Philadelphia citizenry to participate equally in the democratic process, and he violated that trust. Conspiracy and other actions designed to mislead a federal investigation into alleged voting fraud cannot be countenanced. Accordingly, the judgment of conviction will be affirmed."

Their Site is called Elections USA and is found here:

So how did we form the Ladies of Liberty? Well, one woman from Allegheny County PA did XXXX (Michelle show scan of citizen affidavits) and explain your work with Stein Campaign.

So, pulling the national vote totals lens back, a quick review of how votes went in 2012 vs. 2016 shows almost impossible downward trends for Dems and Upward trends for Repubs. In Pennsylvania the Graphic is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE. How can Dem vote GO DOWN from 2012 to 2016 while having record increases in voter registrations and census increases per county? Proof #2 will be what really happened to cause this impossible data trend.

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