Labels at TA Theater/Drama Kids

"Smart, overachievers, good at singing, putting a lot of work".


  • Drama kids are thought to be extremely expressive.
  • They dress in the most flashy outfits.
  • They believe that theater and dance are as important as school and sports
  • They are the most noisy people, always dancing, singing, and acting wherever and whenever (which tends to be seen as annoying by others).
"They are very emotional, always overacting everything they do".

Drama kids are thought to be extremely expressive. They dress in the most flash outfits, they believe that theater and dance are as important as school and sports and they are the noisiest people, always dancing, singing, and acting whenever and wherever they are (which tends to be seen as either funny or annoying for others).

"Normally skinny, with feminine attitude".

Advantages and Disadvantages of This Label

They are artists, and art has a good reputation because it is acknowledged by most people that art is an important area of a human being. The problem is that they are perceived to be exaggerating and annoying with their life style that goes beyond the stage. Although they seem to be a very friendly community, they usually have a very different style than what it's thought to be a normal behavior. I think it is neither desirable nor undesirable, they just chill out. They are also in between the social ladder, because they aren't doing anything wrong, it is just not how everyone thinks and acts.

"They only socialize with other guys from drama club, and they think they are too cool for being able to express themselves excessively".
"They only hangout with people that do drama club, and they are somewhat perceived to be outsiders, thinking that theater is their life and future".

Personal Reflection

Edgar's Category is...

Obviously the category that I am placed in way before someone even talks to me is the International group, more specifically, the Spanish speakers group. Specially among other international groups, we are perceived to be as a very annoying, arrogant, and to have the common style of not caring about anything. Still we are perceived as being the "coolest" group among the internationals, because we tend to fit in better with other groups of people because we have a more westernized background. I do not feel any pressure because I know that I am misplaced in this group. Although I speak Spanish and I have the physical characteristics of a Latino, I actually tend to behave in a much more different way than what the Spanish international community is thought to be.

We all have been labeled and we also have labeled others. Sociology helps us to be reflective and understand that the stereotypes have always existed only to close our minds and stop us from socializing in a much more respectful and positive way. It is helpful to stop for a moment and realize how simple it is to create a presentation with all the characteristics that we assign by default to people that we don't know or we've never seen. Let's have a sociological imagination, start researching better before we criticize, and most importantly, have an open mind.

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