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App Journal 1

Why Apps ?

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, SnapChat. all of them are social mida need servers and all of them need a programer. They are constantly searching how to remodel the apps and make it more interesting and also the are always looking to make more people like it.

App Journal 2

Idea storm

An app that joins all social networks and were you can see what you post in every social media

App Journal 3

I want to focus on people between 16 to 40. I think this app will help people to remind their stuff and focus on their important thinks.

App Journal 4

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Twitter
  5. SnapChat

All of them are very easy to use and understand they have a very great quality of UI guide

App Journal 5

My app will join all social networks at one, It will give remainders, You can use hyperlinks, and then you can upload a picture. Publish it in a lot of medias

App Journal 6

App Journal 7

App Journal 8

App Journal 9

Our app will be a list of your activities and homework, the only difference is that it will shout to you if you don't do it and the remainder will also make a lot of noise there are many apps that can remind you things the first 3 are

1. to do list

2. iHomework

3. Remainders

All of this apps can remain you of your activities and send notifications but no one of this will shout at you

App Journal 10

Make ir simple, easy to use, of a single interface. That can give support any time. Place buttons and controls.

App Journal 11

It use arrows and text boxes to let u know were you need to click whenever you need.



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