Digital Youth Web 2.0 Product Angela Stallbaumer - INFO 5960.012 - University of north Texas - Spring 2017

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Hanging Out

Today’s youth use media and technology as a way to interact and stay connected to their peers. They use online platforms to connect because their access to each other outside of school is limited and contingent on parent permission and transportation. Teens hang out using social media platforms such as Instagram and Snap Chat, and by playing cooperative multiplayer games that can be played online or via gaming systems.

Messing Around

Messing around online is typically an individual act in which today's youth randomly browse websites and use hypertext for entertainment and information. They kill time watching videos and playing games. This image is students at my school messing around with Scratch in the Makerspace. Photo by Angela Stallbaumer.

Geeking Out

Teens who engage in "geeking out" interact with new media at a more intense level. They engage in competitive gaming and participate in online chats and groups that are focused on the game. They may be seen as experts and/or interact with strangers online to hone their skills, level up, and learn more about their passion. Geeking out includes participating in clubs and guilds, coding, hacking, and creating new media.

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Makerspaces provide youth with the space and opportunity for "messing around and geeking out." Makerspaces facilitate self-directed learning, social interaction, and exploring one's interests.

Bridging the education - technology gap

There is a growing divide between the way students learn and the way students are currently educated. The education system must consider the learning behaviors of today's students. Education must be reformed to account for digital literacy, fluency, and skills that students will need in the future. Image retrieved from
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